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I want to upgrade my hard drive to a faster one. I currently have a Maxtor 300gb 7200rpm with 16mb cache, SATA 1. I was looking at the 10,000rpm Raptor by Wester Digital, but it only goes up to 150gb. I want one with at least 300gb. Can someone suggest a faster hard drive with at least 300gb?
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  1. you should look at THG hard drive charts...

    there are no faster sata drives than the raptors, even if they are only on sata150, instead of sata300 like most newer sata hdds. you can find 7200rpm hdds with relatively similar transfer rates to the raptors, for significantly cheaper as well

    seagate makes a 7200rpm 320GB pmr sata hdd, though it isnt as fast as as the 74GB or 150GB raptors, it does come decently close to them in transfer rates, and its only about ~$100 also, compared to ~$150 for the 74GB ADFD raptor, and ~$250 for the 150GB raptor (they both offer virtually identical performance in most benchmarks)

    for cost/performance/capacity, raptors are not the way to go... but they are currently the fastest sata drives available, especially where access times are concerned
  2. Thanks for the info. I will check out THG hard drive charts next.
  3. The other thing you could do if you want the Raptor, would be to put your OS and programs on the Raptor and use the Maxtor for your storage.
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