Need Advice, New Build

Hello everyone, this is my first post and my first build so i hope you'll be able to give me some helpful advice and/or suggested changes. As the topic suggests this is going to be a gaming rig.

Current Thoughts:

CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, 2.4Ghz.
Mobo - ????
RAM - 2G - OCZ Platinum PC6400 CL4-4-4-16.
GPU - Sapphire Radeon X1950Pro 256mb GDDR3
HDD - Seagate barracuda 320G 7200rpm
Floppy - Sony 1.44mb
Case - Thermaltake Armor Jr. (Already Bought).
PSU - Cooler Master iGreen 500w. (Already Bought).
Coolers - Arctic freezer pro or perhaps the 9700 (Anyone had experience with the 9700 on the AW9D Max board?)
Screen - Again not to familiar with LCD Have been using a CRT up until this build but i'd like a good 19" LCD screen so again suggestions welcome.
OS - XP Pro although im not too sure why? but it seems to be the one most gamers use :)

What would you change?

Well I think thats everything, any advice, suggestions, compatability issues etc... are very welcome as I said this is my first build. :wink: I will be putting this together over the next month can't wait! Time can't go fast enough I hope this isnt as addictive as Tattoos :lol:

On a side note i will be sourcing parts in sweden but komplett are quite expensive any vendor suggestions?

EDIT: Added Arctic freezer pro and Changed the WD HDD for a Seagate barracuda. Thanks @ Skyguy.

EDIT: Did have the AW9D Max Mobo but would like suggestions for a mobo for this build

Kind Regards.

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  1. Looks good so far!

    Coolers. Depends if you plan on overclocking or not, and what your budget is. Stay away from the Orb, there are better choices:

    Arctic Freezer is a decent one, cheaper, decent cooling.
    Zalman 9500 is good, sexy looking in your case, but a bit overpriced.
    Scythe has some great coolers, most are very big though.
    Tuniq Tower is the bomb for cooling and overclocking, but it's hard to find in stock and is HUGE.

    LCD display. Get a minimum 19" standard aspect, or a 22" widescreen if you can swing the budget in a couple months since these are getting to be the real sweet spot for size vs price. Get the best display you can afford because it will last at least 2 computer systems, maybe longer. Samsung makes great monitors, so does Dell believe it or not (I heard they source them from Samsung actually). Viewsonic is a good brand too, but their gaming LCDs are not the best for anything else really. LG is pretty good too all-around. I've seen/used MANY monitors side-by-side, and I must admit I find the Samsung probably the best when lined up against similarly-priced competitors. Stay away from the garbage no-name your money and spent a bit more to get a GOOD monitor.

    OS. I run XP Pro too, but not because of gaming to be honest, it's simply what was given to me. I really don't know all the pros of running XP Pro, I know it has more advanced features, etc but I'm not sure that the average person will use them, let alone know they exist. I'm sure some OS technophiles here can comment on the differences, but if you're buying an OS, then I doubt you should spend the money on PRO because you can get the regular version and then get a cheaper upgrade to Vista later ;) Save more money in the longer run there.
  2. Forgot to add the games i will be playing are Battlefield 2 and the like.

    @ Skyguy - Thanks for the quick reply! i've been reading reviews on coolers over the last few days but as a first time builder thier size is tbh quite scary! so perhaps the Arctic cooler is my best choice.
  3. No problem. The Arctic is probably your best bet, it's small and cheap too.

    Your setup and GPU will handle BF2, etc no problem, you'll be very happy and get great frames. This will let you get a bigger monitor ;) With a 22" LCD, you'll drool and they're less than half the price of a 24". That GPU might not be able to run everything max'd out, but it'll be an investment for the future because all the dx10 cards will no problem, and the monitor will outlive 2 or 3 vid cards.

    OH, and check this site out, VERY useful info for you:
  4. Taken your advice and added the Arctic Freezer Pro is this cooler good enough to over clock at a later date? Also changed my HDD from a WD 320gbs to a Seagate Barracuda 320gbs.

    Keep the advice coming! :wink:
  5. Ya, just drop on the Freezer when you build and OC it later. Good move on the hard drive.
  6. Changed my mind on the mobo - AD9W Max. I plan on getting xp pro OEM and from what ive read its locked to the hardware once installed so im looking for the best price/performance mobo for this build.

  7. Bumping back to page one, I still need help and advice on this build im looking to buy all the parts within the next four weeks, i have a $2500US budget im not sure if this current config is the best for the price?

    Europe is pricey no newegg here :(
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