What is the CFM of the default Cooler master 830 fans?

The Cooler Master 830 comes with two 120mm fans, but I can't find what CFM they do. Does anyone happen to know? Mine don't say on the actual fan face and their website offers a ton of fans, so I can't tell which of them it is.

Essentially, I'm trying to decide if I should get a (louder) fan that pushes more CFM as I feel my case is running a little warmer than it should. Knowing what the stock fan does would help with that.
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  1. Hi Cronjob,
    A typical 120mm fan moves at least ~40CFM (even a slow one).
    In a normal midtower case with 6 cubic foot volume, this will change 100% case air every ~10 seconds or so.
    Anyway, you can check your existing fan's amperage! Or some of them list a Wattage spec - doesn't matter, Amps times Volts = Watts.
    So given any two, you can easily calculate the third...
    Lemme see; I have an Antec 120mm here that uses 0.24A (this is 240 mA) and it claims to move 79CFM!
    The Vantec Stealth fans that I like to use claim less CFM, and use less power too: ~120 mA.
    Find the power spec on your existing fan, and we can calculate approximate RPM and CFM.
  2. The only thing I know for sure is that they are (obviously) Cooler Master fans. Their product line has quite a few fans, however -- including 120mm fans that only push something like 13 CFM! Eew!

    Is it just me or is it getting harder to find case fans without these damn lights and UAV and crap? Newegg only had three 140mm side panel intake fans and every single one had LEDs, so I didn't have much of a choice. The stock intake fan with the Cooler Master has LEDs, too. The amount of light this case puts out in the dark is so much that it disrupts my sleep. I woke up with a headache this morning, because of it. Gaah!

    One question regarding a rheostat: Is there any multi-prong connector I could use so that I could buy a single fan that comes with a case-mounted rheostat and have it controll ALL of the fans I plug into it? I would like to have several of my fans tunable (if nothing else, to drop the speeds/noise when I go to bed). But I don't have room in the cramped 680i board to be sticking more than the one rheostate for the Tuniq 120 I already have (or MAYBE two).
  3. Turn the computer off at night?! Do you know how much of my porn consumption relies on what gets torrented overnight?! :P

    Seriously though (okay, actually I was already being serious), I telecommute 24x7 so all of my machines are always on constantly. Two powerbooks, two PC laptops, two Sunblade 1500s, two Ultra 10s, two Athlon-based linux boxes, a spare gaming machine for visitors and my current gaming machine that I just built this week. :)

    In fact, after a decade I can now no longer even sleep without the gentle buzz of CPU fans in my ear (nothing too loud, but just a low background hum). If I don't have that, I have to have a room fan turned on to provide a little "white noise" effect or else I just toss and turn all night. Pathetic, huh?

    I'll check out the front panel fan control options. I don't know why I didn't think of that before. I presumed they only worked well with fans specifically suited for such control. If it will actually work on ALL fans, then I'll just go buy a handful of whatever pushes the highest CFM and replace everything in my case. After all, my machine is usually doing the most work and generating the most heat when I'm playing FPS games and I'm usually going with a headset at that point. :)

    The high electric bill does suck, but I just expense a portion of that to my company. As for conserving energy. Well. Screw nature. She wants to kill us all anyway! :D
  4. This is the 120mm fan I plan on using to replace the stock Coolermaster fan in the case I just bought:

    Scythe S-FLEX SFF21E 120mm case fan

    Air Flow 49.0 CFM

    Noise Level 20.1dBA

    Good balance between air flow and noise - and I don't think $15 will break anybody's bank :wink:
  5. I actually was just about to order the 63cfm/28dBA version of that fan. Not sure if I will or not. Same price.

    As far as more fans, less RPM/noise -- I'm not really certain how to achieve that as most cases only have a single space for an exhaust fan (or in my case, two since you have the exhaust at the top of the CM830). There's room for at least three up front and four on the side, but then you're just going to wind up pumping in 350 CFM and exhausting 100 CFM or less. Doesn't seem like a good idea.

    As for the LEDs.. Yes, I hate them. With a passion. If newegg had 140mm without these frigging LEDs, I'd have bought them. Fortunately, they're low powered (they only do 56cfm). I have three of those on the panel (the fourth won't fit because of the Tuniq 120). Then I have one stock intake and am probably going to replace the stock exhaust with a 63cfm/28dBA and also put a second of those in the top exhaust.

    The loudest fan in my case at the moment is the one that ships stock with the Tuniq. At full 2000 RPM, it's something like 32dBA. If you turn the fan down all the way, the case is nearly silent.

    I still want to overclock this thing, but first I want to cool it down a lot. I'll see what the two fans do. If they help, I'll start overclocking and see where I can get. If I have problems beyond that (or find the noise is intolerable), I'll probably just forgo additional noise and move to a water cooling system.
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