HIS x1650XT Crossfire trouble

I've installed and reinstalled different versions of drivers and still have the same problem. The box for crossfire under Catalyst control center tab for crossfire, is GREYED OUT. The whole tab dissappears when only one card is in, and both cards work fine individually. Also, Device manager sees both cards. Running Cat v7.1 atm. It's like it knows there are 2 cards but I still can't enable the option.

The only set of drivers I couldn't install were the ones that came with the video cards itself. I cannot seem to get by the fact it terminates with the message "Try installing standard VGA drivers before installation", whether or not drivers are already installed. I am stumped. There are no MOBO options for enabling both PCIE slots nor do I need a master/slave b/c its this "native" crossfire.


AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+
MSI K9A Platinum Xfire xPress 3200
2GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800 PC-6400
Dual HIS x1650XT IceQ Turbo
74GB WD Raptor 10K
Rosewill 550w PS
Audigy 2 5.1 Surround
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  1. Are you using A crossfire edition X1650XT or just A regular X1650XT that uses the newly used Bridge CS.
  2. Identical models with the 2 bridges. There's not suppose to be any Crossfire edition because it uses the "native" crossfire and suppose to be "plug and play"-like without the master/slave requirements and whatnot.
  3. Well are they bridged? then i think they must to get the best performance.
  4. Mobo said theres no other options needed to enable ... but yea, youre right .. I've never Xfired before and these turbo XT models for $130 ea seemed worth it .. cept now I'm having problems and have wasted money till I get it to work

    and they are both bridged with 2 bridges
  5. Quote:

    of course the real question i have to ask is why are you crossfiring 2 x1650's.

    I was thinking the same thing.

    To the OP: $130 for each? You could've bought an X1950XT for that kind of money. Ouch. Is getting your money back an option?
  6. okay, well maybe the engines that run the native crossfire modes on the video cards themselves are messed up. Could this be the problems and maybe send them both back for replacements? Seems like no one really knows how to help, and have heard no word from HIS yet
  7. If you have them plugged together with the bridges (not dongles, don't confuse my messgae) then the only thing missing is the drivers recognizing that you have a crossfire MoBo, and that's an issue between the MoBo and the drivers, not the cards. The same thing happens on any setup where crossfire capable cards are plugged into MoBos that the catalyst drivers don't recognize as Xfire capable (like plugging it into an SLi MoBo).

    Check with the MoBo MFR, and also double check the AMD/ATi knowledgebase.
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