What happens to eVGA cards that are exchanged for Step-Up

I bought a EVGA 7900 GS KO

It arrived in a slighty used boxed, the corners were'nt super smooth, the serial number sticker on the video card seems roughed up, one of the plastic bags containing a cable had a hole in it, someone clearly opened it and used it before. The bags containing the other connectors had a lot of dust in them.

I bought my card at:


235$ Canadian is about 199 $ US, before mail-in rebate of 20$ CAN.

It's supposed to be factory overclocked, and the tigerdirect.ca site itself says that the

Core Clock
500 MHz

Memory Clock
1380 MHz

But on RivaTuner, I got:

Core Clock Geometric Domain 468 MHz
Core Clock Shader Domain 450 MHz
Core Clock ROP Domain 450 MHz

Memory Clock 661.50 MHz

This card is not overclocked as advertised, and I clearly had a card that was previously used.

Who is to blame for this? eVGA or tigerdirect.ca? They did not mention that I was buying a used card.

Also, to get the 20 $ mail-in rebate, I have to cut off my UPC code, and tigerdirect.ca says that without the UPC code the product is not returnable. Grrr

I bought an eVGA card because I heard they had a good rep, and used quality components. Maybe for their new cards, but I had no idea I was getting a used one. Maybe this card was one that was exchanged for the Step-Up program. The previous owner might have OC it a lot, and now maybe eVGA underclocked it to give it a decent lifetime.

One thing is for sure, I'll either buy an ATI card in the future, or a Nvidia one from another vendor.
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  1. I would say it's tigerdirect's fault.It sounds like that card was returned to them and they just repacked it (or not). I would contact Tigerdirect about this.
  2. There's a number of possibilites here. First off, the Riva Tuner may be reporting a base memory clock speed without adjusting for the dual spped of the memory. In other words, its reporting a 661.5 mhz base speed , but the true speed is about 1323 mhz. That still a little slow, but not as bad as it first appears.

    Next, it seems obvious that you got a used card. Looking at the advertisement, I didn't see anything even hinting that the card was an open box or anything. So yes, give TigerDirect a call. I did see where there was a 30 day, so perhaps you should just return it and ask for your money back.

    Last, if nothing else works, try giving Evga a call. Them how you intended to buy a new card and you were given a used one that doesn't work right. They may be very willing to strighten out the situation.
  3. wow.. ive never heard of this before. Has any1 else experienced this? I was planning to buy a card from tigerdirect.com, a G 7950gt, but since the G8600 series r coming out in a month or so, im gonna wait. But i was gonna buy it from tigerdirect.com 8O thats like a really strange case, cuz ive never heard of anythin like that be4 :?
  4. I'm still convinced that the card is used, but I noticed that when I play Neverwinter Nights 2 the Core Geometric clock goes up to 518 MHz, the other 2 clocks go to 500 MHz, so it seems that the card overclocks itself when asked to by a demanding application.

    I'll keep a close eye on the temperature with Riva Tuner and not push the card too far.

    As for my experience with Tigerdirect.ca

    I ordered parts for a new PC online, on 01/01/2007 during a holiday.
    The motherboard was on backorder, the other components that were in stock shipped 02/01/2007 and arrived 3-4 days later.

    That was the first time I ordered online so I thought maybe it won't take too long for them to restock, maybe I'll have to wait an extra week at most.

    But the motherboard was on backorder until 23/01/2007

    on 18/01/2007 I called them to cancel the mobo, they said they could cancel it, but suggested that I wait because they were sure it would arrive on 22/01/2007, and with shipping I could get it on 26/01/2007 (last friday)
    I agreed, the mobo arrived at their warehouse 1 day later than they said, but I still got it delivered on friday.

    I'm not too keen on sending my card back, I've waited long enough for this new PC, and since I already plugged it in and cut off the UPC Code for the mail-in rebate, I would have a hard case convincing them that it was used when I got it. Also, the card works fine, the core is indeed overclocked, and like Sailer said the memory speed should be about right if the DDR3 multiplier is taken into account, so I don't feel like going through all the hassle of sending the card back.

    The other components I ordered were new and clean though.

    Still, I am unsure if tiger or eVGA is to blame for this used package, so I'll buy from another company next time.
  5. weird...

    some kind of exception i guess.
  6. I would concurr with Sailor... worse comes to worse - Call evga... they will actually be there to answer the phone... and they just might handle it in house... they have high business standards.

    And never buy from TigerDirect again :? Back in the day... they were nothin but hype on those damn 2 hour infomercials.

    Use ZipZoomFly, Chief Value, Newegg, and maybe Securemart... I found some prices to be competitive.
  7. Just as a word of advice. Try to avoid Zipzoomfly. The 2 day shipment still hasn't arrived after 5 days and they don't answer their phone messages or emails. Just trying to warn you guys.
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