Which video card meets my needs?

I need something that will run the Windows Vista AeroGlass interface and the next command and conquer (tiberium wars). The only games I play on my PC are the RTS types (my guilty pleasure) and I don't necessarily need maximum settings. These are the two cards I've got my eye on at the moment. (I live in Toronto)

GeForce 7600GT 256mb - $115
GeForce 7900GS 256mb - $176

Would the 7600 cut it or should I go up to the 7900? Also, are these prices going to drop when the DX10 cards come out or are they just going to stop making them?
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  1. I would go with the 7600 it should do just fine and it's a lot cheaper and I don't know if the prices will drop when the DX10 comes out.
  2. If you can wait it is almost always to your advantage in the fast moving computer world. I also believe that the release of mid-range DX10 cards as well as ATI/AMD's R600 should help push prices down. The longer you wait the cheaper you should be able to get the card you want (as long as its still in production) or the better of a card you will be able to get for the same money. Both cards are good cards, but if you plan on waiting come back and ask again so we can recommend a card at the time.

  3. Thanks, I think I might wait. I guess there's no reason to buy the card before the game comes out (march I think). I'm just worried that the mid range dx10 cards will be more expensive and these ones will be out of production. Of course that means running Vista off my Intel GMA 945 without Aero for a month.
  4. Yeah I agree you should wait until your game comes out in march by then you should be able to get a 8600 card which would be perfect for you

  5. I would agree with the consecis.
    Wait untill the midrange DX10 cards come out.

    Have another link that claims the same lineup as dos'.
    The 8600 Ultra looks like it will be the sweet spot.
  6. "The prices are really competitive and will most likely drive the price of DX9 cards way down significantly."

    I like the sound of that, I'm not sure I need DX10 anyway.
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