SATA DVD Burner hangs up system...very odd

I have a pretty powerful PC, 74 gig raptor, E6600, P5WDH and I also have a Plextor SATA burner.

When I'm burning anything with it, be it a DVD or CD, at the end of the burning process when it tries to eject the media from the drive the system will hang for about 10 seconds. Is this because my OS hdd is also on the same sata controller? Is this a windows problem? Your help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. anyoneeeee???
  2. It sounds like the common problem with ALL the systems, no matter how powerful it is, as soon as you put something in the drive or you press the button to take it out, there is always a small pause, the system freezes for a couple of seconds and then comes back to life. I don't know exactly why this is happening, but its very common. Especially if you put a CD or DVD that the drive can't read properly, the system crawls to a halt! lol
    I think its due to a shit design somewhere, probably due to Windows way of handling things. The controller gets saturated by requests and it halts windows as well.
  3. May be a Plextor problem. A lot of Plextor SATA optical users have reported similiar problems along with problems in reaching rated burn speeds. Despite being the most expensive, their device and driver QC has really deteriorated in the last 6-8 months on a case - by - case basis. Check out their product feedbacks at Newegg and you will see similiar experiences. Others report no issues. May also be a case where switching the SATA data cable to a different channel on your mobo may solve the issue. There have been reports of SATA HDD and Opticals bitch slapping each other when on the same controller.
  4. First off, I don't have any SATA optical drv, so my suggestions might not work, but here goes...

    I've read many times that SATA optical writer/drv. are problematic/might have issues. So,
    1.Try changing diff. port on your motherboard
    2.Update to the latest motherboard driver
    3.Try different burner software
    4.Disable any unneeded services and apps. (foreground/background)
  5. Same here with the Plextor PX-716SA burner. Ended up buying
    a SATA controller card by Adaptec ( ASH-1205SA) and
    everything works fine. Check the Adaptec site for the model
    you're using and look for a compatibility page with the OS
    you're using.
  6. I have the same thing happenning with my Plextor SATA but i would not call it a problem. I dont mind waiting 10 sec.
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