connecting parallel printer to network router

I am a DIY home user.
I have a HP 4550 with only a parrallel port. I want to make it accesible for all m y computers thatare linked to the same router.

Is there a way to connect this printer to an ethernet socket on my router and would that make it accesible for the other pc's (including wireless laptops)
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  1. You said that the only port on the printer was a parallel? I'm not sure if they make them for parallel, but I I have a strong feeling you could get a print server and plug that into the router you mentioned. You could get a cheap PC and use it as an always-on printserver, or you could buy a network-ready printer with an ethernet port on it and a built in printserver. Not sure which would work the best for you, maybe just attach the printer to one of the computers, and leave it on 24/7 and just print to it. Only problem with that is that you have a computer running 24/7.

    Just trying to offer some ideas.
  2. They make print servers for LPT device. If your printer requires bi-directions comm it will not work. HP sells print servers for their hardware but are expensive. But are guaranted to work if the printer is on their aproved list.

    Their are routers that have print server ports on them. But only support 1 direction communication.

    The only sure way is with a network printer. Recomend laser, because they are cheaper to operate.
  3. you could also just plug it up parallel and share it out. when you do a network add printer it will show up and usually will auto detect and install if on the same workgroup
  4. thanks guys, just ordered a hp jetdirect 300 for 25£, hopefully that works!
  5. Connected teh server and my PC detects it, however printing doesnt wok, shows docs in a queu. Any thoughta?
  6. I just stumbled on your forum while searching for a way to connect my parallel printer to my home network with using a pc and wanted to share this link with you. I think it is what you needed. Good luck!
  7. I was looking at that Netgear PS101 just yesterday as I also need a print server.

    In many reviews I noted that some people reported that if it loses power then it has to be configured from scratch each time.

    I have decided not to use it, but thats just personal taste I guess.

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