X1300 Pro vs 7300GT – ATI fan perspective

Okay so I had got a X1300 Pro (Brand – Palit) it had 256 MB DDR3 memory.(the core speed was stock & memory might’ve been 1 GHz)
After checking out some benchmarks I felt I made a wrong decision & opted for the
Nvidia 7300 GT (Brand Palit) 256MB DDR3 memory but it’s a Sonic edition (Core – 500 MHz Memory – 1 GHz)

From what I know X1300 Pro has 4 pixel pipes, 2 vertex shaders & 7300GT has 8 pixel pipes & 4 vertex shaders

According to the VGA Charts
X1300 Pro [rv 515] core clock – 601 MHz, memory clock – 801 MHz [DDR2 256 MB]
7300 GT core clock – 350 MHz, memory clock – 666 MHz [DDR2 128/256 MB]

Half Life 2 Episode One no AA no AF @ 1024x768
7300 gt – 40 fps
x1300 pro – 39.4 fps

HL2 4xaa 8xaf @ 1024x768
X1300pro & 7300 gt – 31 fps

Oblivion Outdoorno AA no AF @ 1024x768 –
X1300 pro – 6 fps
7300 gt – 5 fps

oblivion no AA 8xAF @ 1024x768 –
x1300 pro – 6 fps
7300 gt – 4 fps

Oblivion Indoors no AA no AF @ 1024x768
7300 gt – 37 fps
x1300 pro – 27 fps

Oblivion Indoors no AA 8x AF @ 1024x768
7300 gt - 33 fps
x1300 pro - 26 fps

Prey no AA no AF @ 1024x768 –
7300 gt – 35 fps
x1300 pro – 23 fps

Prey 4x AA 8x AF @ 1024x768 –
7300gt – 22 fps
x1300 pro – 17 fps

rise of nations no AA no AF @ 1024x768
7300 gt – 18 fps
x1300 pro – 13 fps

rise of nations in game medium AA[2x] 8xAF @ 1024x768
7300 gt – 12 fps
x1300 pro – 10 fps

Titan Quest no AA no AF @ 1024x768
X1300 pro – 18 fps
7300 gt – 17 fps

Titan Quest in game AA[2x] 8xAF @ 1024x768
7300 gt – 13 fps
x1300 pro – 12 fps

So the 7300GT beats the X1300 most of the times with approx. 5 fps barring OpenGL games.

So I would like to know did I made the correct decision by opting for the 7300GT or I should’ve gone with the X1300 Pro?

It’s foolish to ask but I’ve like never owned an ATI card but I feel the Nvidia one is a better bang for the buck for these particular models.

I’m getting both of them for the same price I paid about Rs.400 extra for the 7300GT (not that big of a deal). I’m from India.
X1300 Pro costs Rs.4350 & 7300GT costs Rs.4750

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  1. Well they are both low-end cards, and in those frame rate regions 5 fps can make a big difference so you probably made the correct choice. I would have looked around for an X1300XT however, since they are arguably the fastest low-end cards of the current generation.
  2. The high clocked GDDR3 7300GT beats a reference 7600GS, so it sure isn't your average 7300GT. Then again, yours seems clocked alot lower than some like this Galaxy which has 1.4GHz mem speeds.

    Anyway, you can look over these charts linked below and get an idea how the X1300 pro, reference 7300GT, and a massive 500/1400 OC'ed 7300GT compare to cards like a 7600GS or X1650 pro.

    When looking over those charts, you have to add a bit of performance to the X1300 pro if yours had 1.0GHz mem, and subtract from their 1.4GHz 7300GT. But I'd think more often than not your 7300GT should outperform your X1300 pro.
  3. X1300XT is basically an X1600 pro. In some situations the X1300XT would shine as it does in this Farcry HDR benchie, but in other games, the GDDR3 7300GT would win. But both are good and stand out among budget gaming cards.

    I wonder what the 7600GT would have cost him.
  4. 7300gt with ddr3 eats a x1600pro when overclocked heavily. and ati has to change x1600 pro's name to x1300xt after its failure against 7600 series
  5. Hey thanks for your replies.

    Well these 2 are the only cards which fit my budget as of now. I can’t get a 7600GT or GS so that’s a no no.

    Well so you’re saying there wouldn’t be that much of a difference between these two cards?!

    I’m like totally confused now….
    I didn’t test out that X1300Pro but since it had DDR3 memory written on the box I’ll think it was probably clocked at 1 GHz.

    I’ve looked at both the cards & both of them don’t have RAM heatsinks just a heatsink on the Core.

    The X1300Pro only had a heatsink on the core but it was a directional heatsink so it would’ve circulated some air to the RAM chips.

    The 7300GT has a bigger heatsink it’s like a heatsink with fins but the fan is just on the core. There are 4 RAM chips of “Infineon” & 2 of them come totally under the fins but the other two are half covered.

    The main reason why I exchanged it with the X1300 Pro coz it had just 4 pixel pipes & 2 vertex shaders.

    Here’s a review of that X1300Pro but the card which is reviewed has DDR2 memory.


    As you can see from the review the card was the same as shown in the picture it only had DDR3 memory instead of DDR2 and a little larger directional heatsink white colored but there weren’t any heatsinks on the RAM & it had a red colored DVI port.

    I’ll try posting a picture of the 7300GT which I have right now in half an hour.

    I don’t think 5 fps would make a world of a difference or would it?

    I currently use a BFG Tech 6800 OC AGP card. So I already have a Nvidia card & I wanna see how ATI cards are (their driver interface, better image quality etc.)

    But getting my money’s worth is the First & Major priority so unless there is a world of a difference between these X1300Pro & 7300GT I think would opt for the X1300Pro.

    So what do I go with? Help me out here please!

  6. Here’s the pic of the 7300GT


    There are 6 RAM chips not 4 as I previously said 4 of them are half covered & 2 of them are just above the core.

    I found a couple of reviews on X1300 Pro with 256 MB DDR3 memory it’s of Powercolor brand but it might give a decent comparison.



    Also I wanna add that the 7300GT is based on the G73 core so with Rivatuner it could be possible to unlock the extra pipes & vertex shaders, wouldn’t it? But that’s just an extra don’t count on it coz it may or may not work.

    What will y’all recommend now?

    Thanks again.
  7. You made a good choice IMO by opting for the 7300GT GDDR3. It'd be different if you'd said the 7300GT GDDR2 as the core speeds are slower as well as memory.
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