single +12v rail vs multiple rails
says single rail is better for high end system. what to get single or multiple rail?
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  1. if you want POWER on a single rail here it it..
    This one rocks!
  2. I think it makes a lot less difference then people realise. Unless the multiple rails are "made" seperately, multiple rail PSU start as a single large rail and split into smaller rails. "True" multi rail PSU exist, but are very expensive. In the end, it doesn't really matter.
  3. Quote:
    Single rail is better and are generaly high quality unit. That said they are also more exspencive. The great majority of PSU availible have multiple current limited +12v rails. They are also cheaper and besause of that are the more widly used PSUs. Right now the top PSUs availible are single rail units from PC Power & Cooling.

    holy sweet jeebus, that quad of 750 watts ( 885 peak )
    is 60amperes in the 12V rail o_O
  4. /Sigh I wish PC Power and Cooling didn't wish it was sin to make a modular power supply.
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