Asus p5b-deluxe or p5b-del/wifi

Is it better to buy a wifi pci adapter or just go with the deluxe/wifi motherboard (it's cheaper, marginally, but I heard there were problems with the integrated wifi).

Could you give me your opinions, and experiences with these motherboards,
Thank you

ps: and if you have any suggestions on alternative motherboards please say,
(e6600 and need firewire)
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  1. Well nobody answers so I guess I will go with wifi.
    If it turns bad I can always buy a separate pci card
  2. I think that most on-board features (audio, LAN, wifi) put a load on the CPU more than stand-alone cards.
    Also, a stand-alone card will probably have a better signal strength than the onboard.
    I am getting the P5B deluxe

    Anyway, I'm not using wifi. wired LAN is faster and more reliable
  3. One thing I noticed with the P5B-WIFI is that it comes with a wired antenna about 1m long, this would be great IMO as Use a dlink PCI card that has a screw on hard antenna about 70mm long and as my PC sits under a hardwood desk the reception isnt as good as I would like it to be, I plan to get the WiFi version of the P5B and then put the PCI card in another PC that's a bit closer to my router.
  4. the p5b wifi also has more fan power sockets. good if your case has 5 holes for fans,
    The wifi model gives you one less occupied slot.
    Don't bother with descrete cards unless you really care about the performance. Even with my old P4 I didn't notice a performance impact.
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