7950 GX2, worth the money?

alright, i didn't have the 500 to spend on a 8800 card, so a couple days ago i bought 7950 GT for 240 bucks (evga 7950 GT KO). its coming along with a new system entirely that includes a e6600 core 2 and 680i motherboard.

then today i found an e-bay auction that had the 7950 GX2. i was hesitant at first cause i thought it would of went up in price quick, but it didn't, and i ended up winning it at 340 bucks including shipping.

so will i see a major difference in the two cards? or should i have even went a bit further and gotten a 430 buck 8800 GTS? i'm pretty confused at the moment and wonder if i should keep the 7950 GX2 or the 7950 GT KO or upgrade right to the 8800 (which i really don't wanna do as i don't want negative feedback on ebay i suppose.....but its not really a big issue :? ).
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  1. Not a bad price but the 8800GTS is better.
  2. Thats Odd...

    So you bought 2 different video cards within a week at $240 & $340 respectively... totaling $580... but you had a problem with $500 :?

    Anyways... keep the GX2, sell back the GT, and wait out the 8900 series.

    The GX2 was a mean Vid card, and still the closest that you can get to the 8800 performance wise... its actually faster mem clock at 2000MHz but does leave you hangin shader wise.

    Excluding ATI offerings...
  3. I've got one, and it isn't bad at all. I mean, (your mileage may vary) I can play almost every current game at a respectable frame rate (30+fps) with everything maxed-out.

    Honestly, don't waste your money on a DX9 card. Wait a little bit and spend that money on something much faster, and with more features (a DX10 card).

    If you REALLY just CAN'T wait and have to have an Nvidia solution, be smart and get two 512mb 7900GTX's. It's a faster configuration (true 32x SLI [mobo willing], faster memory and core clocks), and is just better all around if you've got an SLI-capable motherboard. Essentially, the GX2 is just 2 7900gt's in a single-slot SLI configuration. In some instances, it's slower than the real deal (but still faster than a single card) due to the bottleneck of the 16x interface (I hear it magically changes one 16x slot into a 32x slot; that's wrong. It takes a 16x slot and turns it into 2 8x slots).
  4. Quote:
    Thats Odd...

    So you bought 2 different video cards within a week at $240 & $340 respectively... totaling $580... but you had a problem with $500 :?

    Oh the wonders of CREDIT cards.......
  5. i haven't paid the guy yet, so its not 800 dollars...............what i need to do is contact new egg, cancel the other video card, wait till tomorrow, see if i get the credit back on the card.....then buy the gx2.....if i want to bother

    i'm thinking now that maybe it would be better to keep the evga card..........and use their step up program to get a 8800 gtx or gts in 90 days
  6. The Sparkle cards actually ran hotter than most other brands... saw the benchmarks back in December

    It was odd since it would appear Sparkle has gone the extra mile for cooling.
  7. that picture isn't working for some reason, but i did find something while searching around, how about this, with the 30 dollar rebate, is PNY an ok company to buy a video card from? or should i avoid them?


    i think that is a pretty good deal considering every other GTS would cost 70 to 130 dollars more, what do you all think?
  8. quit recommending the sparkle. its louder and draws more power than comparable cards and is a waste of money. if you don't want standard cooling get evga's ac3
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