MSI 775 915P Neo-F & 8xx series Pentiums...

First off, here's the link to MSI's website:
Secondly, my question is if anyone has had this board, and if so, any luck with the 8xx series processors? I got the board with a 531j 3.0 proc for free as a result of a failed surveillance system upgrade (incompatible with their proprietary software) and am upgrading from my 754 3000+ (oc'd to 2.2GHz on stock air w/ gigabyte uli). I've already ordered my new vid card (3dconnect (ewww) x1900gt - 159.99 newegg, 25$ rebate) so next month I'm looking at 2gigs of OCZ platinum 2-2-2-5 ddr3200 and hopefully an 820 for ~ 260$ (local comp shop w/ good deals (employee pricing thanks to good hookups)).

Anybody have good luck with the 8xx series? Anyone at all? If not, looks like I'm goin core 2 duo next month.. Budget is only 400$ for ram, cpu, and mobo though.. hence trying to push this freebee board as far as can go $ wise..
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  1. Okay, been 6 days and nobody has replied. Anybody know the minimum chipset required for an 8xx series processor? Whether or not the 915P will support it or not?

    Thanks =)
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