What is a good size of a FAT32 partition?

What is a good size of a FAT32 partition? My partitions is at 25GB right now and for some reason it seems slow. Anyone know if it will be faster if i decrease the size of the partitions? Whats a good size?
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    Changing the size of a partion will not help to make the system faster. Why are you still using a FAT32 partition? Please tell me your not running 98 or ME. Otherwise you should be running an NTFS partition. With NTFS the block size in the partition is smaller making better use of the hdd space not to mention added security features you can take advantage of through XP.

    I am actually running windows 98 because that is clearly the only OS worth running...... :)

    The truth is that my new computer is broken so i had to go back to my very old one which only have windows 98 so i am stuck with FAT32 :(
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