How to test your graphics card, software?


Is there a way to test your graphics card? I'm guessing the only way possible might be through software. I'm not really interested in the benchmarks of the card, I'd just like to know if everythings fine and that it's not dying. The card is a bit old but it's just been lying around without it's static bag and has suffered a few knocks also. Just for peace of mind I'd like to know if there is a sure way to determine if it's in good health. It displays the picture ok but is that 'test' good enough.

Might sound like a daft question but thanks in advance for any responses.
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  1. hey

    first thing that comes to mind is ati tool

    im not sure weather it matters if your card is nvidia or ati, (works with my nvidia card). also depends how old the card is aswell.
    once installed there is a "scan for artifacts" button that puts your card through a kind of stress test. thats a sure way to see if its working or not.
    its a prime95 for your graphics card, and tests it just as much as a modern game would do, if its in good shape it should pass without errors, but errors are not fatal as such. it halts on all errors i think
  2. I find that a couple hours of gaming do the trick :)
  3. either way, but he did suggest it was a bit old.

    anywho, your lucky its still working, most components i leave outside my pc, e.g. sound cards, without a static bag, cease to work afterwards
  4. Quote:
    I find that a couple hours of gaming do the trick :)

    you mean you can game with that x600 :P
  5. Quote:
    minesweepers a game you know :lol:

    yeah but i have to run sli to play that :lol:
  6. So.... what does it mean when your monitor pixelates and the system freezes after 29s of scanning for artifacts with ATITool, and you're forced to reboot? I'm guessing it's bad.
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