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Buying a card that is CPU limited

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January 28, 2007 3:58:41 PM

currently running a 6800(plain, yeah i know, old but hey it doesn't have a fan) on a 1920x1080 TV

so i'm thinking of buying a new computer soon. Now i'm only probably going to be spending $150 on a new processor so I don't want to buy a video card that is going to be so much faster than the processor that my cpu is my bottle neck.

does anyone know of any good sites that actually do these kind of reviews?

I'm thinking of an SLI system because of the resolution but if I'm only spending $150 on the CPU it won't let an 8800 really shine.

any thoughts?

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January 28, 2007 4:27:11 PM

i wouldnt worry about being cpu limited at that resolution + max AA/AF and graphics on max even if you are cpu limited you will still have nice frame rates.

i would recommend e4300/6300/6400 and oc it to like 3ghz (use a tuniq tower very nice air cooling).

also you didnt say what you are using this machine for but i really would never recommend SLI unless you are going for 2 of the best video cards IE 2 8800gtxs.
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January 28, 2007 4:27:39 PM

jonrem could you kindly show me in this review
where it states what CPU to pair with the 7950GT so that neither is a bottleneck.


NoNeeD, its a gaming/general purpose machine. I'm personally worried about only spending a only few bucks on the CPU and buying a graphics card that is too fast for it(i.e. if i double the processors power i'd get much better framerates with the gfx card).

so if i were to purchase this

compared to this

i'm sure an 8800 would have more fun with the top processor.
January 28, 2007 9:16:25 PM

Sorry for being a smartass before. It really all depends on what games/programs you regularly run b/c they're all different. I think your best bet right now is going with the best C2D you can afford provided your Mobo is C2D ready. You can get a 6300 for about $180, overclock it reasonably high on stock cooling and let any graphics card really shine, even an 8800.
January 29, 2007 12:32:32 AM

Any CPU on the market currently is bottlenecking any 8800 series. Mostly because of the architecture of the graphics card. The CPU can not most of the time fully keep up with the Graphics card and its engine. A quadcore is nice, but what programs today utilitize it? Let alone dual-core? My advice is to stick with a Dual-core setup, something maybe along the lines of a E6600. Easy to overclock, get better results than a X6800 from a overclock for cheap. For your TV, I would suggest getting a 8800GTX honestly, if your going to utilize that full 1920x1200 resolution. Otherwise the GTS is a good pick.