Yet Another E6600 Temp Thread

Ok guys, I know there are other threads on this sort of thing floating about but nothing seems to match my problem (I could have easily missed it though).

I've got an E6600 at stock settings (2.4ghz, 1.22500v)
Scythe Ninja Heatsink (with the fan - albit it looks to be going a bit too slow)
Artic Silver 5 Thermal Paste, applied as per Instructions.
Gigabyte DS3 Board.

The Problem lies in my OTT Temps, I'm Idling around 45C-52C Generally(Depending on how long its been on for), according to both Core Temp and TAT. If I run TAT's 100% CPU Use I hit around 79C. I know this isn't Right, not by a long shot, but I can't find the problem.

I Lowered my Voltage a bit to 1.15 and was still Idling at 45C and I hit 68C under full Load.

My Case Temp generally sits around 35C according to BIOS and my Heat sink seems to be securely seated.

I should also add that the temps were around this with the stock Heat sink.

Anyone have any idea's whats causing the over heating?
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  1. > 35C

    This seems a bit high for a case temp. Mine is 26-28 with air cooling. Up to 30 now since I added some thick dust filters. Consider adding a fan or two or rerouting cables to improve airflow. If you have front or side fans, they should suck air in; rear or top fans should blow air out.

    > If I run TAT's 100% CPU Use I hit around 79C

    This is close to the shutdown point. It's not dangerous but your CPU might age faster or throttle (slow down).

    >I'm Idling around 45C-52C

    This is much too high, my core temp is about 22 (idle) - 45 (Orthos 9) with air cooling and its overclocked at 3.2 GHz 1.24-1.28 real volts. You shouldn't have such high temps with such a low voltage!

    The heatsink surface should be smooth (ideally mirror-like, but not necessary), and there should be a thin layer of thermal compound between the CPU and heatsink.
  2. I really think that the internal sensors of some processors may be fckued up.
    I recently upgraded from an 6300 to a 6600, and the temps are lower than before. Same heatsink, same thermal goop, same everything.
    Just to make sure, re-set everything again by the book.
  3. There IS a problem there. Don't trust the looks. Reseat your Ninja to be sure. Also make sure that the cpu fan runs at full speed. Of course consider what the mate above me said about case airflow and AS5.
  4. I've Reseated the Heat sink again but its still around the same. I'm thinking it must be an Airflow problem, although I do have the fans as suggested above. 1 in from the front, 1 from the side, 2 going out the back.

    Also the CPU Fan is not connected to the MoBo due to having a different connector, so I can't run a program to Amp it up at all.
  5. What have you got the fan attached to and how? Is it on a dedicated molex or are multiple fans daisy chained to the same molex? Your board has a spot for a system fan as well as the cpu fan can you use that? Use an adapter, plug the cpu fan into the cpu fan port on your motherboard and go into bios and disable smart fan so the fan runs at 100%.
  6. Which of your fans are set to intake and which to exhaust?
  7. I tend to agree with PMR. I've been working with someone on another thread with the same complaint, but with a 6400. However, you share another commonality in that both your motherboards are Gigabyte. Have you flashed your BIOS or Googled for this problem, since Gigabyte doesn't host a forum?

    Check out the following post for more info regarding temps.

    Core 2 Duo Temperature Guide

    Hope this helps. 8)
  8. A bit of a Delay, but I've finally got it sorted.

    It wasn't the case (I Tested in a Bigger, cooler Case) it was my Heat Sink (Scythe Ninja), not sure if I recieved a Faulty one(if its even possible) or if I was just constantly putting it in wrong due to how awkward it is.

    I just put a Cooler Master "Mars" in and Immidiately noticed a Drop in Temps (and it looks alot better + easier to install), I'm not Idling around the 35-37 Mark according to TAT and will hit about 59 with its 80% Load settings.

    All in all, I'm alot Happier, thanks for the feedback though.
  9. Glad to see that you've worked it out to your satisfaction. Well done. 8)
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