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So I recently built my own rig for the first time! Now I'm attempting my first overclock. In this attempt I followed wusy's guide to overclock my pc.

When I started to test for stability with Prime95 it halted on me for FATAL ERROR within the first couple minutes of my first few attempts. Now I started Prime95 for the fifth time and has been running for about an hour now with no ERROR and still going.

My question is this:

Is this normal?
Is this a part of the breaking in process?
Should I actually use my system a little more before running Prime95 and other stability apps through it for tests?

I've hardly used my system besides installing apps, very light surfing and ran Photoshop for 1/2 hour but nothing intensive.

Asus P5W DH
2G Corsair TwinXMS2 DDR2-800 [1:1 | 2.1V]
e6600 [333mhz | multi - 9 | 1.4V]
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  1. I believe most overclockers who have used prime95, have seen the fatal error. You just have to make changes untuil you find a stable setting. Try bumping the NB to the 1.5 range and see if that helps. Also maybe try bumping memory to 2.2.

    While running prime95, I like to surf the net or do something else that can stress the system even more. Make sure, since you have a dual core processor, to run the multithreaded version located here.

    good luck

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