Help me decide PSU please!

Hi guys. I'm trying to decide the PSU for a new sistem I plan of getting next week. The config is as following:
Core 2 E6600
2 X Kingston HyperX 1GB DDR2 800MHz CL5
Galaxy GeForce 8800GTX
RAIDMAX Smilodon Black Case
Seagate 400GB SATA 16MB 7200RPM Barracuda ES.

I used one of the online PSU would need around 400 W of power.
Now my only problem is PSU ( but if you have sugestions about the build in general please share). I know how important it is...I have this 2 options:
1. Tagan DUAL ENGINE series TG500-U25 500W
2. Sirtec HPC-620-A88S 620W.
The price is pretty much the same. I would normaly go for the Tagan PSU but I am worried that it may not be enough power for my build. I don't plan to OC much (perhaps OC the CPU to 3 GHz). Another problem I'm having is that the power in my neighbourhood fails once in a while so any protection against over or under voltage and short circuit is kinda important.
Thank you all in advance! If you can sugest other PSU in the same price range your opinion is highly apreciated.
P.S. I live in Europe so as much as I apreciate the newegg prices, they arent accesible here :).
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  1. get this one

    its extremely overpriced, but it owns so much, that.

  2. That was helpful, why not just post "I want to show off my PSU" instead? He isn't in the budget range and he isn't in the US and has stated so. What was the point of your post?

    "Ownz" How old are you?

    I don't know anything about the other PSU you have selected i'd go with the Tagan. If you can get it, go for the OCZ 600W it's around the same price point as the Tagan in the UK. I can't speak for the rest of the EU though.


    The Xclio Greatpower series is very affordable in the UK, they are priced up much - quality PSU, excellent bang for the buck.



    Also there's the Corsair 620W model which is even better, these PSU's are very very good on all evidence so far.

    If you can i'd go with the Corsair 620W or the OCZ, both are very good PSU's that meet your needs, and have plenty of headroom for the future.
  3. I have one more question. Is a 500W PSU enough for my build?
  4. I'd get 600W.
  5. Well not so much watts but maybe something with at least 33A, I would shoot for something in the 42a range so you have some peace of mind...

    like this Antec TruePower Trio 550 for £56i/£66e (a bit more forgiving on the wallet than the corsair) and admit it - newegg has the details and pics, shows us you are at 42a, very nice for the price...

    I noticed that vendor also has a generic 1200va line-interactive UPS, the automatic voltage regulation will definitly assist the utility problems.
    Unitek Alpha SX 1200VA £60i/£71e
  6. if you go here:

    you can get some good prices on a really good PSU.

    I've purchased several from this site (they are all re-conditioned PSU's) but have a full MFG warrenty...

    anyway, that's my take
  7. I would and am getting the PC Power & Cooling 750w Quad. It's an excellent power supply. You can actually get it cheaper directly from PC Power than Newegg. It's 199.00 on PC's website.
  8. Thank you all. I will go with a 500W PSU for now because I got a deal with my vendor that in month or so, after testing the new rig I can upgrade at no cost to 600W if needed.
    The reason I'm not doing it straight away is that they dont have it on stock and I really want to get all the components from him (he's also a friend of mine).
    Thank you all again!
  9. Total watts, you will probably be alright but make sure it has enough amps to meet the minimum for that video card. I am running a 550w SeaSonic Energy Plus S12 which has 4x18amps with a max of 41amp total on +12v rails, everything you see below runs great without a hitch. I will be upgrading soon to the PC Power Quad 750w because I will be running SLI and a Quad core.

    The main thing to look at is max amps per rail. Which looks good on the Tagan @20a per rail. Some people had problems with multi-+12v rail PSU first came out, although the total amps were high enough the per rail was not. Any amps on a rail that go unused are lost and cannot be used by another rail that needs more.

    Evga 680i
    2x1gig Corsair 6400C4
    XFX 8800 GTS
    2x74gig Raptors
    1x36gig Raptors
    X-fi Gamer
    Plextor DVD-RW
    1x250mm case fan
    1x120mm case fan
    1x80mm case fan
    case fan controller
  10. So that would mean that a PSU with the following specs will not work?

    Output voltage/ MIN. Load / MAX. Load

    +12V1/ 1.0A/ 12.0A
    +12V2 / 1.0A / 21.0A
    +12V3 / 1.0A/ 13.0A.
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