SATA II HDD jumper settings

I’m using a Seagate 320GB SATA II HDD with 16 MB cache (ST3320620AS)

I’m running it in SATA 1 mode because my current mobo only supports SATA I.
I had to change the jumper settings on the HDD to make it run at SATA I mode.

I’ve got a new mobo supporting SATA II & I’m gonna use this HDD in it.
So I’ll have to change the jumper’s to make the drive work at SATA II speeds.

The problem is that I have all my data stored on this HDD.
I wanna know if I change the jumper & plug the HDD into the new mobo will all my data be lost coz I changed the jumper?

This is just my data drive not my OS drive.

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  1. Your data should be OK but if you have a new mobo, you'll have to reinstall Windows because your onboard stuff will need different drivers, the ones that come with the new mobo. If your hdd is partitioned and the data is on a different drive than your OS, just format the partition with your OS. If your files are on the same drive as the OS, back the up on another drive or CD. You can uninstall all your drivers, turn of the machine and then install it the other mobo but this is really not a long term solution, a fresh is always better.
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