Best 680 mboard-asus vs abit?

I am about to get a 680 mboard and have always heard good things about asus until the p5n32-e sli, but know asus has freq bios updates. I am going to wait for the p5n32-esli plus or ABIT IN9 32X-MAX. I am not very familiar with abit. What does everyone think about abit boards?

I want a good stable board that I can OC to 400 fsb.
Which board will be better?
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  1. ya im also facing the same problem choosing between the two. I guess between these two boards abit will be the better choice. But nobody seems to be answering..... :roll:
  2. well the striker is overpriced. I think the abit is a better long term board. if you plan on overclocking and having for the board overclocked for years i d deffintly go with the abit. the abit has reinforced capacitors that will last longer then regular ones i guess. The abit bios is still glitched a bit, asus striker bios has finally came around. The striker beet the evga 680i in benchmarks with quadcore, but lost to the evga in dual core. if your going quad i d say go for the over priced striker.
  3. I wasn't looking at the striker but the regular asus 680 but in the plus version when it arrives. It is supposed to have the upgraded capacitors too. Also wonder if it will have the built in flash mem like the new asus 590 boards for quich boot up.

    However the abit can address 32mb of ram
  4. the Asus Plus has a weird chipset mix - it's not the same as that used on the Striker or the abit IN9 32X.
    Either should be able to do 400fsb easily though (mind you so can the 650i mobos & they are/will be cheaper).

    Imo the abit is the better board of those 2 but is substantially dearer so make your decision on vfm or ultimate performance.
  5. Do the capacitors have anything to do with stability, namely will it address the probs that asus has been having?
  6. Quote:
    Either should be able to do 400fsb easily though (mind you so can the 650i mobos & they are/will be cheaper).

    Get Asus P5N-E SLI, its very cheap and is a great overclocker it can go around 500fsb but no more than that, but still very impressive.

    this is the review anandtech made of the board
  7. Quote:
    Do the capacitors have anything to do with stability, namely will it address the probs that asus has been having?

    Many of the problems are not from ASUS alone. its the Nvidia680 chipset thats fucked in many ways. just google a board like EVGA 680i and it has the same problems that you see with the ASUS board. Most of the problems should at this time have been fixed. Im running an Evga board and have not had any problems so far (fingers crossed) so there are also revisions of the boards that seem to work perfect. I guess that with this new chipset you really cant be sure to get a board that works perfect but you may be lucky and experience zero problems.
  8. Go for the eVGA 680i board, lifetime warranty and good customer support: $229 if I recall correctly on newegg. If you got the $450 to spend on the ASUS Striker board, go for it.
  9. The EVGA680i is around 350-400$ in Denmark. Im fealing ripped of :(
  10. Quote:
    The EVGA680i is around 350-400$ in Denmark. Im fealing ripped of :(

    your feeling ripped ofF?? that is a rip off my friend that board is not worth that much. If i were you i d call up and speak to a rep from their an tell them you d pay xtra shipping if they could send you a board from there or something
  11. Quote:
    your feeling ripped ofF?? that is a rip off my friend that board is not worth that much. If i were you i d call up and speak to a rep from their an tell them you d pay xtra shipping if they could send you a board from there or something

    they won't ship internationally (I don't think even to Canada) not to mention that he would get charged local import taxes on top.
  12. Here's my opinion of Abit.

    In the past (I'm talking pre Windows 98, way back to the 3.1 and DOS days) I used many boards. Asus was considered the best. Lately (Post windows 95) I tried DFI, Gigabyte, MSI, Tyan, Biostar, SOYO, Shuttle, Asrock, Chaintech, Intel, etc... I've tried tghem all. Gigabyte was good, fast, loaded with features, but the caps blew. Asus was awesome, but tricky on first post after build, and their website was always down so I couldn't get drivers, and I hated their unconventional bios layout. MSI was good but buggy with a slow website. MSI was slow to fix bugs with bios updates. ECS = crap. Chaintech and biostar had subpar value boards. DFI gave me a good impression. Shuttle and SOYO where rock solid at a value price.

    Then one day out of the blue, this company called ABit comes out with an Abit BH6 or something board for PII. It was awesome. Then they have the BP6 dual celeron. The only one that ever came to market. It was even better. I've been hooked on Abit ever since, and ABit is the only board I will stock in my store.

    Now companies are starting to copy Abit with features only abit was prior not scared to include on a board. They pushed the chipsets to the max. Asus puts features onto its striker board that ABit has been using on most boards for years now. On board LED post codes, onboard power and reset switch, on board active and passive cooling such as heatpipes, rear exhaust cooling, etc... Overclocking BIOS features. In windows instant bios updates via internet. ALl this stuff I remember being first implemented by Abit and for a long time Abit was the only company with all these features on boards. You either lived with an ABit to the max withh the features but risk instability, or you got something else that lacked features and was boring. Now every company does and overclocking fulkl featured board, but here the things I like about abit.

    1) Their website rules. Easy to navigate, easy to get drivers and updates, a great forum, and a resellers station.
    2) Abit support is awesome, you can call or email them and an engineer will help you out. They also have the best ERMA on the market. They where the first to do ERMA via internet. And Abit was the first to have a 3 year warranty on motherboards.
    3) Abit was the first to use all japanese and high end military grade components on their boards. They still do on every model, no compromises. You don't need a stiker version for this...just any old Abit.
    4) Ahbit has the uGuru which does windows bios updates, windows overclocking, windows hardware monitoring, all via 1 simple program install. They where the first to do all this. They also have an external module to display uGuru stuff.
    5) Abit always had the fail safe mode that if you ever frigged a bios and couldn't boot you just hold del while booting to clear the bios.
    6) Abit is quick to get updated bioses to fix bugs support OSes and hardware.
    7) Abit always gave a half decent manual with their boards, even back when everyone else gave an el cheapo black and white paper.

    Overall I find abit is the best manufacturer all around on the market. Yeah Asus might have 1 board that is better, or DFI, etc... But overall Abit is the best manuafacturer and has the best overall lineup of boards from beginning to end.

    I choose to support Abit and have never regreted a single ABit purchase in my life. Actually in the past 7 years every other board I've encountered or used made me wish it was an Abit. At the LANs I host the people using ABit boards seem to be the ones with the least amount of troubles. And I have never had a return on any ABit based computers I've sold yet. If there are any problems it occursd within 3 months, If you can get through the first few months without a dead board than the Abits seem to last as long as anyone else. Must be the high end components they use.

    I'd go Abit. Worth a shot if you've never used them before. It's far from being the worst board on the market and you can't go wrong.

    The only thing I find lacking with abit
  13. hey nice post buddy. I agree with u. I think asus is awfully overpricing its products. Hope to get the IN9 32X board from abit.
  14. I just ordered my ABIT bored yesterday from, 327 after shipping! My roomate just got his in yesterday, looks sweet!
  15. I agree, i have the EVGA board, and I have had no problems at all. Not to mention great OC features.

  16. Quote:
    I just ordered my ABIT bored yesterday from, 327 after shipping! My roomate just got his in yesterday, looks sweet!

    Plz post some pics of the layout of the board and some test results if u can. Also is there any reviews out yet for the board?
  17. well i have had a few abit boards and they somehow never last longer than a year or so, very userfriendly but in the long run they dont last. anyways talked to at guy that owns a computer shop and he told me that they RMA a lot of abit boards compared to other boards. still its probably a great card but i feel that my EVGA680i is worht the price i paid for it. very stable, overclocks nicely. I went straight in the bios and set the cpu (E6600) at 3.6mhz and the board set the voltage to adjust to the new speed, booted into windows and stresstested for about an hour without problems. have been running this setup for about 2 weeks now. one thing is that running T1 seems to be a problem on all 680i chipsets, but i really cant detect that much performance decrease running T2 instead of T1. Anyways great board runs 400fsb right out of the box with an E6600. havent tried harder but i should be able to hit around 500.
  18. I notice a lot of Abit boards going on RMA, but for a reason. It's because the owners of Abit boards are people and enthusiasts who do a lot of experimenting. By that I mean overclocking without really knowing 100% what's going on, cutting in a live case to add a window or fans, etc... A lot of board flexing, metal shavings flying around. All around abuse from people who know how not to get spyware by using firefox and spybot search & destroy. Yeah their windows works great, but they experiment a bit too much with their hardware not knowing 100% what they are doing, and eventually something fries and needs an RMA.

    I've encountered this tons of times. On my personal systems I've fried several components because of user error, but I knew what I was doing was risky and I didn't care. But my ABit boards have withstood the test of time. I still have a dual celeron Abit BP6 running rock solid and several other classic Abit boards.

    I think my next purchase will be an ABit AM2+, the new ones and the new AMD processors that will be released to compete with intel. I'll wait and see what comes to market. By then the new ATI DX10 video should be available as well. Only thing I know is that it will be an Abit.

    Actually though, when I recommend a product I usually say this. If you have no idea what to get and are confused and a comp noob, then Asus is a good bet. If you know what your doing and are looking for a good board, give Abit a try.
  19. Out of those two choices I'd go with the Abit. Asus boards are overpriced. It might get you a little better OC but if you're happy with something that will go to 400FSB any 680i board will do that.

    You also might want to consider upgrade paths. Creative has said it plans to release a PCI-E card in the future and there will likely be more that come down the pipe this year. The Asus won't be able to use it, it has one PCI-Ex1 slot and its "reversed" in orientation for their add-in sound card crap. Then you're left with only old PCI slots.

    I'd got with Abit or EVGA 680i, nod to the evga for me due to warranty etc.
  20. I don't know about the 680 chipset motherboards but I have an ABIT 939 crossfire board. I had stability issues with Uguru and disabled it (manual overclocking now). Since then the board is a winner. I used some of the feedback on Neweggs website to help me make the purchase decision. Good luck.
  21. Abit listens to the people. They often have polls on their site, forums, and reps at lanning events and conferences, etc.... that ask the people what they want in a motherboard and package, as well as other products.

    They listen and over time they will continue to get better and better and hopefully surpace their god like status they had when they entered the market.

    Go Abit. A company that stirves for excellence not domination. With excellence, domination hopefully follows but is only icing on the cake.

    I've actually gotten many marketing products form ABit and they have been very helpful in aiding me advertise their products at LANs and exhibitions I attend with my store.
  22. The previous posters saying they're had no problems with their evga board must be extremely lucky. I bought the evga board and am waiting for another component to be delivered. After reading all the nightmares people are having on the evga msg board, I've decided to return mine now and save the headache. This of coarse leaves me with the dilemma which is the topic of this thread... :?
  23. I just got mine today and will post pics when I can! I have a 6800 duo waiting to put in it which I plan on OCing which I will post my numbers when I can...
  24. The scary part for me is how it will work fine for a like 2-3 weeks and then it just craps out, ruining the memory. Be sure to update ur bios, first thing you do. Also, what voltage is ur memory supposed to run at?
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