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I have a desktop that I am quite pleased with. But while I started with a very light aluminum case (full-size), the beast got very heavy real quick after I installed everything. Three hard drives and two optical drives contribute to the weight.

So now my next project will be what I really was after all along, a LAN machine. With a stable desktop, I no longer really need to worry about back-up etc. So I want to build a mid... maybe even a micro ATX, with enough power for good grapics. FPS and RTS LAN experiences are the objective, with power, weight, and expense the primary concerns.

I won't be doing video.

I want one HD, one Optical drive, one graphics card, and air cool. And this stuff has to fit together d@mmit. :P

With a little shopping I can probably find it all and at a decent price. But quick question: what format optical drive will I need?

And then what are your opinions of a build?

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  1. I'll threw a MicroATX together for you.

    Case $70
    Motherboard $99
    Processor $187
    Memory $200
    Video Card $400
    Hard Drive $160
    Optical Drive $18
    Operating System $120

    That should give you supreme preformance at LAN parties! A few places you could easily cut back on is hard drive and video card. I went over-the-top with both; a 74GB Raptor and a 8800GTS. You could also cut the OS back to Windows XP; your choice. Everything else should be great for a mobile gaming system!

    Basic specs of the one I put together...
    Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 processor
    MSI G965M-FI MicroATX mainboard
    2GB of DDR2 533 RAM
    PNY GeForce 8800GTS
    74GB Raptor
    16x DVD-ROM/52x CD-ROM drive
    Windows Vista Home Premium
    All that rolled into a Apevia X-QPack Aluminum MicroATX case with 420-watt power supply.

    Good luck on your build!
  2. I second that but maybe cut the graphics card back, save some money for a nice new LAN game!!! i wouldnt cut back on the HDD i would go bigger, at one lan party i can back with over 30 GB of new games and music on top of what i had. 160gb gone.
  3. I like the ideas from both replies, and would stay with XP, I have an extra copy of XP Pro layin around.

    Yay, what vid card?
  4. To adjust Bob list slightly, I think you should go with a 79xx card, half the cost and almost the same on current games.

    I would also go a different route on HDD, get a big SATA go 2-3 partitions. Boot will be fast and room for the data also.

    Big Al in Seattle
  5. Yeah sorry about the lateness, go for a 79xx card any bigger will be over kill. Um about the HDD dont go for one huge drive, if you can go for 2 smaller ones, eg instaed of a 400 get 2 X 200's.
  6. more consumer research needs to be done about Micro-Atx...there is the "shuttle" which has been out for 5 yrs...which originally had cooling problems, but cooling problems these days are going away with newer state of the art multi core cpu's

    have a budget figure in mind and use to compare hardware prices :)
  7. PC Side LIne; i'd quote your post if I wanted to spam...

    If you read his first post, he already has a computer (built himself, iirc). If he needs help getting replies, he'll just say "Help a girl build her first computer!" and his name would be Hottie...
  8. LOL totally agree, this is about suggestions for parts, which you had some of, Pepicek isnt a noob, and im sure he would appreciate just the important parts of your post.
  9. You could get a notebook HDD :)
  10. Overall, not bad advice; However, take into consideration, 9 times out of 10, when you install multiple anti-virus programs, they will confict and cause massive head-aches., research into it.

    OP: You appear competent with your desktop, if it were me, I'd look into a shuttle barebones, add a video card, and beef up the power supply, and you'd be on your way to a handy portable computer, without the problems of a notebook. as well as are great resources for inexpensive, quality components. Beware, has been known to advertise a few companies known for having poor reputations, triple check where you buy from before buying.

    Good luck on the build.
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