Best Graphic and Tv tuner card for ASUS A8N5X MB

What's the best graphic card (under $130) and best tv tuner card (Under (100) for a ASUS A8N5X motherboard with san diego 3700+ processor.

This system is for general purpose .Not great on gaming.

thanks in advance.
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  1. I'd recommend this TV Tuner, it's pretty much the standard in that price range. I'm assuming you've got a pci-x16 slot? This has very good performance for $120:

    or if you prefer nVidia, about the same price, (with rebate):
  2. I would rather a graphic card with one vga input

  3. Thanks again for your advice.
  4. Quote:
    But why spend $150 on a 7600GT when you can get a 7900GS for the same price and OC the hell out of it?.

    True, but if you read the OP, the limit was $130. If you followed the link in my post, you would note that 7600GT was only $110, after rebate.
  5. Thanks again both of you, advice well received.
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