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I'd like to have any user logged into certain PCs in our W2K domain to be
logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity. I've tried using winexit.scr but
doesn't seem to be working right - I get Registry errors when it activates
and my custom logoff message doesn't seem to be applied. When I click OK
past the Registry error, the PC locks instead of logging off. Also
considered just creating a custom logoff batch file containing PsShutdown,
but can't even find how to do this! As of right now, using GPO, I've set the
PCs to lock after 5 minutes of inactivity without using winexit.scr. Help
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  1. You need to unlock the regedit key it needs to create when it is logging off under regedit go to
    then just right click on the "control.ini" then click on permissions when the security tab opens just select your name or whatever you have listed for your computer profile then put a check mark in the "full control" box below then click "OK" then just close the Regedit window and your done enjoy...
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