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I would like to get a wireless router so my wife can connect to the internet anywhere in the house, however I do not want my gaming PC subject to the same speed fluctuations, so if i wire my PC to the router, is that the same as having it plugged directly into the modem (no wireless router)?
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  1. im haven the same problem. Im paying for extreme cable, this bumps up my speed from 5MBPS too 8MBPS. yes this is not real world connection speed but i do notice a speed increase when im playing online. *.* up too 30 difference in ping but i average 18 decrease in my ping *.*

    now i had the wifes brother move in with us and he has taken my office and turned it into a room. thats not the problem , the problem is he has a direct line to the connection and im stuck with wireless.

    he likes to be on MSN from the time he goes home till the time he goes to bed, AND HE LEAVES IT RUNNING.

    hes killing my connection im now averagin on CS:S a ping of over 160
    that jumps to over 300.

    i know its the wireless but before he moved in i had the wireless connected in another comp and i saw only a 15 ping jump.


    the wireless router is

    he D-Link AirPlus™ G DI-524 Wireless Router 54mbps

    now please help me i need a fix for my wireless woes. even if it means a new setup.
  2. Installing the router between your modem and PC will have little affect to your wired connection, with no other users. As you add users wired or wireless lags can accour. It has little to do with the router, it more related to your connection speed. Most all wireless connection speed exceed your bandwidth. So as users are added lags can accour.
  3. when your adding more computers or devices to your network they will impact eachother. if someone is download something or streaming video its going to affect your gamming. you can fix this with make one computer priority or the other but thats assuming ur router will allow you to do that. dlink has a dlg-4300 that does it wonderful, they use a a QoS called gamefuel that u can set your computer to priority so that even if another person is downloading or whatever it will give the bandwidth to your computer if u need it. Ive seen ping times drop in half or more when this is used properly.
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