PSU recommendation?

Hi all

i have a unique problem.

My current setup is

I'm running Vista x86 (32bit)
CPU : Intel Core 2 E6400
2x512mb ram DDR
2 x 200gb Maxtor Hdds
7800GS AGP video card Super OCed
1 DVD drive
1 CD drive
PSu: 400Watt, (5-6years old)

i'm hearing some hard disk ticking.. but if i were to disconnect some of the devices (1 hdd or both the dvd and cd drives..) this problem no longer occurs.

This leads me to be convince that it's a PSU probelm

I'm now trying to figure out how much power do i need and what type of PSU.

I stay in malaysia, don't exactly have access to Newegg and such..but i have a list of products from one of the most "equiped" computer stores in my area. I'm wondering if you guys can point out which is best..

This is the pdf:

AEROCOOL TURBINE 450watts ATX with 12cm Fan - Smart Cable Management RM391
AEROCOOL TURBINE 550watts ATX with 12cm Fan - Smart Cable Management RM483

COOLER MASTER Extreme Power 430watts ATX with 12cm Fan RM175
COOLER MASTER Real Power 450watts ATX with 12cm Fan RM250

ICUTE 450watts 24Pins ATX Power Supply with 2 x 8cm Fan RM98
ICUTE 380watts Safety Series 24pins ATX Power Supply with 14cm Fan RM135
ICUTE 430watts Safety Series 24pins ATX Power Supply with 14cm Fan RM181
ICUTE 480watts Safety Series 24pins ATX Power Supply with 14cm Fan RM228
ICUTE 380watts Smart Cable Series 24pins ATX Power Supply with 14cm Fan RM190
ICUTE 480watts Smart Cable Series 24pins ATX Power Supply with 14cm Fan RM294
ICUTE 600watts Smart Cable Series 24pins ATX Power Supply with 14cm Fan RM390

POWER LOGIC ATRIX 500 500watts 24pins ATX RM195

THERMALTAKE PurePower 460watts ATX 12cm LED Fan W0068R RM291
THERMALTAKE TR2 Silent 470watts ATX 12cm Fan W0090 RM297
THERMALTAKE TR2 550watts ATX with PFC 12cm Fan W0101 RM343
THERMALTAKE Tough Power 600watts ATX with Active PFC 14cm fan W0103RE RM449
THERMALTAKE Tough Power 750watts ATX with Active PFC 14cm fan W0116RE RM537

the last number, RMxxx that's the currency in my area (malaysia ringgit)

do give me your suggestions and views.. thx alot
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    OCZ 700W

    thats my recommendation, 104$ at

    I cant believe u put together a nice system and totally skimmed out on a good PSU, the PSU is the LUNGS to the CPU which is the HEART.

    not to mention your using a 5-6 YEAR OLD PSU WTF!?
  2. Since your system is under 300w the Cooler Master RS-450 would do nicely.

    Consider the Thermaltake Toughpower 600w for a DX10 or 750w for mobo and/or multi-gpu upgrades.
  3. hahaha yeah.. well learn a new thing everyday.

    i totally didn't know the importance of a PSU until like only 2 weeks ago. I built my own PC, video cards and such i'm on averagely updated.. but PSU.. well never knew the importance of it.. it has been working well for me for at least 5-6 years.. I upgraded my PC part by part, most things have been upgraded at least once, some twice even.. theres only 3 things that are the same are my PSU, my DDR ram sticks, and my case. (if you exclude the cheap fans in the case that is)
  4. already did. still reviewing on some stuff..

    still trying to understand some stuff.

    but i guess in general a 500Watt will do for now, but for long term, i'll need more for sure.
  5. That's what i was thinking actually.. here's my case..

    My video card is stable inspite of the lack of power. Motherboard is stable also, which leads me to think my current PSU has enough Amp but not enough watt.

    Now i just need to go back and find out the current amount of Amp (at work atm).

    Other question is, How much Amp do i actually need? i use some of the calculators, it seems i need roughly 23Amp max. Since i only need 1 12V, I'm assuming that most PSUs will have sufficient amp for me from the 12V. Is it ok to assume so?.

    If so, i just need maybe even 450 or 500Watt with 23Amp min from the 12V
  6. that's similiar to what I got from the psu calc (12v components only selected)

    eXtreme PSU calc"]System Type: Single Processor
    Motherboard: Regular - Desktop
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 2130 MHz Allendale
    CPU Utilization (TDP): 100% TDP

    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GS AGP
    Video Type: Single Card

    SATA HDD: 2 HDDs

    CD-RW Drive: 1 Drive
    DVD-RW/DVD+RW Drive: 1 Drive

    Regular: 1 Fan 80mm; 1 Fan 120mm;

    Keyboard and mouse: Yes

    PSU Utilization: 100 %

    Total: 234 Watts

    so that is like 19A, the CM RS-450 puts out 22A so it's a drop-in replacement for your 300w. That is, until you decide to upgrade :wink: so maybe go w/ the TT toughpower in that case...

    Any doubts that the RS-450 is a quality unit? check out this review:

    SPCR"]1. VOLTAGE REGULATION was excellent...
    2. EFFICIENCY was excellent...
    3. POWER FACTOR was {snip} very close to the theoretical best value of 1.0
  7. erm.. my current PSU is 400 watts :P not 300, but then it's 5-6 years old.. so it might be abit low now.

    RS-450 unit.. you mean this ?

    COOLER MASTER Real Power 450watts ATX with 12cm Fan RM250 ??

    or did i mistake it on something else?
  8. my bad not sure if it was the age of the psu or my eyesight :lol:

    Yes the CM real power RS-450, that's the one - do you know if it is the ALCY (active pfc) or ALCX (no active pfc) model...
  9. hmm what's the diff? :) I'm kinda clueless about pSUs still. do tell :)

    COOLER MASTER Real Power 450watts ATX with 12cm Fan RM250 seems to be the best choice so far, least price is reasonable,
  10. Well it's in mpilch's sticky, or check out SPCR's "Power Supply Fundamentals" just scroll down to "POWER FACTOR CORRECTION" and it gives some good details. I think that is also linked in the sticky as well.

    /me needs sleep, will catch up in the morning... peace
  11. thx for the link, i'll read up on it.

    I just checked

    my current PSU is

    400 watt
    3.3v - 28A
    5V - 35A
    12V (only 1) - 15A

    i'm amazed that my video card survived..

    but it says Combine power of 3.3V and 5V is 180Watts.

    i might have remembered the Amps for 3.3 and 5 wrongly..
  12. Cool, then i guess i just need something bigger then 15A.

    COOLER MASTER Real Power 450watts ATX with 12cm Fan RM250 ??

    guess this one's a potential one, i'll need to check the 12V for the Amp. other then that, i think i'm set :)

    Thx alot guys. do lemme know also if you think another PSU is better from the list.
  13. Alright, i'll get that.

    I probably won't OC my thing. never OCed Cpus before.

    1 question though, if i weer to add more hard drives, will it be a problem? say if i add a raid card for more SATA hdds?
  14. Alright i just bought a PSU

    Cooler Master 430W extreme power
    3.3V = 30A
    5V = 28A
    3.3V + 5V = max power 140W

    +12V1 - 14A
    +12V2 - 15A
    max power : 348W

    i've decided not to put any raid divices and such, just gonna buy an external casing for my additional drive which is cheaper and coz less pain.
    (i heard vista has problems with raid still)

    gonna put it up today, let's hope it's enough :)
  15. Great :) there was another PSU, roughly the same 12V rail but at 500Watts, i was comtemplating on it actually but i think cooler master is a more excellent brand so i decided to take it.

    btw, dang i just posted this and got my reply... mpilchfamily, you're sure fast...
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