P5B deluxe BSOD in winxp install....

Built this sytem last night and I have been unable to get it to install windows, it loads the install files and then when it says "starting windows" it goes to a blue screen error.

Windows xp 32-bit

ocz 600w gxstream
2gb ocz plat 800 ram
ocz 9700 cooler

the the temps in bios show 35 idle.
Ive set my mem voltage to 2 volts.

everything else is stock, ive also tried it with one and two sticks of memory.

Ive also updated the bios to the new 1004 version.

any ideas?
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  1. Try alternating the RAM modules. It may be fault ram. Take one out, try the install, if it fails, try the other one. If it still doenst work, consult advice from the guy below me offering advice.
  2. You can use Memtest86 to test your RAM. Download the ISO, burn it to a CD, and boot your new system with it. Let it run through at least a few full passes, as some memory problems won't show up right away. Takes a while to do a bunch of runs, but at least you'll know if you have a RAM problem.
  3. Quote:
    Built this sytem last night and I have been unable to get it to install windows, it loads the install files and then when it says "starting windows" it goes to a blue screen error.

    BIOS setup!
    You better hope there is something you can do in there, otherwise it's not good, could be a bad situation...
    But I would not immediately suspect any defective stuff just yet - there may still be setup & config work to do :)
    HDs/optical drives (including their cabling) and non-optimized BIOS settings have been known to sabotage your install in this way...
    You must go through your BIOS setup item by item, referring to Tom's setup guide (or old favourite Wim's BIOS guide) for specific settings recommendations. And of course keep your mobo manual handy.
    Disable any/all video shadowing and/or caching and system shadowing/caching. Pay close attention to memory setup & config.
    My OCZ is rated for 2.1V or 2.2V - 2.0V is marginal if running @ 800DDR speed.
    Are you running asynchronous FSB:memory? ie. 266FSB:400memory?
    Try setting memory to synchronous 1:1 just as a test - it should easily run 533DDR @ 2.0V.
    Are you using a recent (slipstreamed) SP2 WinXP CD?
    Hopefully you can get things sorted out. Good luck,
  4. I've seen other posts about BSOD on WinXP install and the culprit has been the BIOS setting of the HDD controller and/or the driver used during install.


    1) Assuming you have the HDD on the Intel ICH8R controller, what do you have it set as in the BIOS? (IDE, AHCI, RAID)?

    2) Did you install WinXP with controller set to IDE and then later change it to AHCI or RAID?

    3) Did you F6 the controller driver during initial XP install for either AHCI or RAID?

    4) If so, what driver version are you installing using the "Press F6" method? (Latest driver is v6.2.1.1002)
  5. I never press F6 during my WinXP installs - the SATA just works :wink:
    I never thought I'd see the day where SATA support is native but IDE is add-on, heheh...
    But that day seems to have arrived :!:
  6. I just upgraded. I have roughly the same components and get the same problem when I try to install Win XP. (P5B Deluxe/Wifi, e6600, 2gb Corsair XMS2)

    I've updated the bios to 1004, tried another PSU, fiddled around with the BIOS settings etc etc.

    What I haven't tried is booting with another optical drive and and doing a memtest with memtest86.

    This is very frustrating...

    But I'm going to give the other advises posted in this thread that I haven't tried yet a shot tonight. I'll check back!
  7. Fixed.

    It turned out to be my windows XP cd....go figure!

    After I had mucked around with all the hardware and found nothing wrong I went and found an old XP cd and it booted up with no issues at all.

    I ended up using most of the standard BIOS settings, including the micron controller. The only thing i have changed is the memory voltage and the timings as they were still not detecting correctly.

    other than the original hiccup this board has given me no more troubles and I think I would recommend it :)
  8. Hmmm, I solved the issue too, by getting a SATA DVD drive.

    The Micron controller seems extremely picky with optical drives. PATA drives are not to be recommended with this board.

    cha0s81, that Win XP disc that didn't work, probably works on another computer.
  9. the word is: P5B extremely dislikes anything but genuine XP (or a mirror copy of it). I can't install XP black edition for that reason. Basically, any version of XP with a modified boot sector won't work.
  10. Try using a couple sticks of regular value ram and see what happens.If it installs ok then rma your performance memory.Goodluck.


    AMD X2-4400+@2.6 S-939
    2X EVGA 7950GT KO IN SLI
    WD300GIG HD
    3DMARK05 13,442
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