FX-60 temps ... 1 core is hotter than the other

Overclocked my FX-60 to 2.8ghz, and looked at the Everest temps:

CPU : 35C
CPU#1 / Core #1: 32C
CPU#1 / Core #2: 43C

This is at idle. I put an Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 on it with Arctic Silver #5 about 3 days ago, so it is not to the "bonding" stage yet, but I think I didn't put enough on the Core#2 side.

Or could it be that the Core#2 is closest to my new space heater, the 8800GTS?

Yes I did take all the compound off the ACF64 before I used the Arctic Silver #5.
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  1. Quote:
    Yes I did take all the compound off the ACF64 before I used the Arctic Silver #5.

    that will make no difference.

    as for the 2,nd core running hot, invert your mobo. :P
  2. That compound you took off was MX5, Arctic Cooling's premier paste (I believe). Anyways, I'd take the heatsink back off, clean both the heatsink and the processor, get a picture (probably from google) of where the dies are located in reference to the integrated heat spreader (IHS), and drop two small drops of AS5 on about where the dies are located. You're probably right about a bad mounting.
  3. Don,t worry about different temps that's normal.
  4. In a dual-core system, one core will generally be hotter than the other, due to a higher workload, different positioning beneath the IHS, simply being a different chip, etc. It is nothing to worry about.
  5. One core hotter than the other is normal, its the same situation with 2 GPUs in SLI because 1 of the GPUs is the primary and percentagewise it does more work.

    This is to address the Artic Cooling Freezer 64, the base is smaller than the CPUs heatspreader, [at least on mine it is], and when clamped into position the clamp design would pull the base off center quite a bit. I adjusted the bend on the catch side so when the latch side was fully engaged it would sit squarely on the center of the CPU heatspreader.
    You may want to take a good look at the positioning of the heatsink base in relation to the CPU heatspreader and see if yours is seating properly, Artic Cooling may have addressed this issue by now, but I seriously doubt it, IMO they should have made the base the same size or larger than the heatspreader.
  6. OK, I won't fret over it. I have cool 'n quiet back on (had turned it off for benchmarking) and the cores dropped 10C, though the one is still hotter than the other (always by 10C).

    I am going to look more closely at the mounting, I had trouble getting it on because the clamps are pretty tacky and I was worried about wrecking my mobo.

    I was also surprised that the Heatsink didn't completely cover the heatspreader! WTF? :roll:

  7. Quote:
    I was also surprised that the Heatsink didn't completely cover the heatspreader! WTF?

    Yeah that seems like a manufacturing design screwup, if its aligned dead center theres about 1/8'' of exposed CPU heatspreader all the way around, if it doesn't center properly theres as much as 1/4" of the heatspreader exposed on the latch side.

    Believe it or not I took mine back off and got cooler running temps from the stock AMD CPU cooler using Artic Silver 5.
  8. Maybe I'll try the stock fan. Just feel stupid buying the AF64 and then not using it! Doesn't seem right to say it is for the 939 socket when it doesn't really fit the chip!
  9. Join the club! :wink:

    Well if it makes you feel better I not only have the Artic Cooling Freezer 64 on the shelf, but a pair of Accelero X1s also on the shelf, they didn't cool any better than the stock GPU coolers did and took up a massive amount of room to install.

    A total waste of money! :oops:
  10. Well, the Arctic Freezer is cooling off in its box on the shelf now, and the stock fan is in. My CPU temps still have the 10C differential, but they are BOTH 10C cooler than they were! And I don't think it's the FX-60 that is the trouble here, it is definitely the 8800gts. I have a theory that the g8 was warming the giant heatsink on the AC64 from it's pci-e slot. With the smaller stock sink and fan setup maybe the heat won't transfer over so easily.

    Glad I bought that AC64 when it was $15 instead of $30, and NEVER AGAIN! Time to head over to NEgg and abuse it in a review.

    Then I'll head to the "should I buy the e6600 or FX-60" thread and whatch the fireworks. God bless America!
  11. :lol: Have fun.

    And the Newegg review idea is good, need to let others know about the downside of the freezer 64.
  12. Hey man, I have a freezer 64 pro and it killed a Opteron 175!!
    That stupid heatsink pulls to one side of the cpu and over laps.
    It cracked the core but luckinly AMD shipped me a brand new opty.
    I emailed freezer pro's company and told them that this happend as a direct result of using the cooler.
    They asked me explain what happened, but they never responded.

    I WAS LUCKY AMD replaced the CPU, cause
    arctic cooling wouldn't have done crap all.

    PLUS the heatsink doesn't have a straight edge, it's bowed shape.

    freezer 64 is JUNK!!
  13. That's why I just use the Ultra X-Wind (its a rip off the old Zalmans). All it is basically is a huge hunk of copper with a big fan. Works great on my OC'ed FX-60. Cheap too.
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