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Im trying to set up an ftp server using win2k professional and IIS so i can transfer files between college and home easily. The problem is that even though i seem to be doing everything correctly (the ftp site works perfectly on my network) when i try and access the site via the internet I just get a server not found error message.

I have a static ip address and im using a netgear DG814 router and I have put the ftp server on a DMZ with IP address

Does anyone have any idea what im doing wrong?

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  1. You may need to setup your router to forward WAN requests on ports 20 and 21 to your FTP machine.
  2. I tried that before and it didnt seem to help, my server is also on a DMZ so i shouldnt need to do that. Thanks for trying tho.

    Why use windows when you can use doors?
  3. there are other things you need to enable in a router firewall. make sure its not blocking wan requests and other stuff.

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  4. Ok, putting it in the DMZ was a good idea.
    Your router will pick up the ISP's DHCP ip address, but you have assigned your Router a LAN ip address. Default it is 192.168.0.x is a different subnet which would make it not work. Double check your ip address scheme, in the worst case change that 0 to a 1 and reassign all of your ip addresses. Double check your PC with the FTP server on it and make sure you have it set up statically with the address.

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