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G'day, I've got an ATI X850XT PE graphic card but the TV out quality is considerably poor on my sony 76cm widescreen TV (KV-32LS65AUS). It's so bad impossible to read normal text. I can't even figure how to run games because I can't figure out which icons belong to which games. I have downloaded and installed the latest drivers from ATI (Version 7.1) but there was no improvement. Any ideas on how I can improve the quality?
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  1. As I recall, that card was pretty high end at the time of its release, so it should be able to handle your TV. A lot depends on what connections you are using to transmit from your video card to TV, screen refresh rates, and screen resolution. Does the TV have DVI or HDMI ports on it? Sometimes for reading print on the TV, you have to go into advance setup, under your display properties, and change the DPI resolution for icons and text.
  2. Its an analog tv and I'm only using a RCA cable. Is S-video better? The TV is caapble of 100hz.

  3. No, you wont be able to read text on a standard definition TV, which is why we dont use TVs as monitors. If your using RCA you wont see any difference using S-Video. Your best bet by far is to lower the resolution displayed on the TV as low as you can, that makes icons/text much bigger, and while the clarity isn't any better the text will be easier to read. Good for movies though!!
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