Need advise on purchase of new ADSL router


I currently have an all in one wireless ADSL router/gateway from linksys (wag54G). Starts to drop the signal both wireless as well as cable. Bought a D ling DGL4300 only to find out that its half a solution (need a seperate modem). I am sending it back to the supplier and would like to ask for your advise. Important for me is:

ready for next step technology
wireless range and strenght

I have connected to it:

2 pcs (LAN)
laptop (wireless)
Sonos system (wireless)
Printer server

Appreciate your thoughts!
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  1. Don't buy an integrated device. Aside from being more expensive, you're locked in to that devices feature set and can't upgrade your router down the road. Buy a modem and connect whatever router you want to it.
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