does 965 support hyperthreading ?

asus website lists some boards as ht ready(p5bdlx: p5be) while there is no
mention of ht in other high end boards like commando
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    Supported CPU
    CPU Socket Type LGA 775
    CPU Type Quad-core / Core 2 Extreme / Core 2 Duo / Pentium
    FSB 1066/800MHz
    Supported CPU Technologies Hyper-Threading Technology
  2. If the board can support an Intel Pentium 4, then I think
    it should support HT. But still... why would anyone get a high
    end board and then use a old gen cpu?
  3. Because we still have people in the world that think a Pentium 4 Extreme w. H/T is still better than the Core 2 Duo's
  4. no i was kinda thinking HT with penryn cpus guys
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