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hi. just went wireless with a linksys wrt54g. the wireless card detects other networks beside the one i named. one of the other networks is default. one signal strength is low, the one i set up is very strong. if a router can't have multiple SSIDs, is my card detected someone else's unsecured network?
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  1. The default is auto connect to ALL networks. Another NOT SO BRIGHT IDEA MICROSOFT DID. If you used MS Zero config, You need to uncheck "auto connect to non prefered networks." This is located under the advanced section of Wireless Networks (port properties). You want to check "only connect to AP" if not doing a Adhoc setup.

    This way it will only connect to your prefered network list. If you only have 1 prefered network, that all. If you use wireless at several locations, enter them here.
  2. ok, i'm connected to my network fine. i'm just curious because when i click on view available networks i see mine and two others. does the wrt54g broadcast more than one SSID, one of the networks is called default, which is what i think linksys used before i changed it. or am i seeing my neighboors network? by the way i am not broadcasting my own SSID.
  3. If it's with netstumbler its another network. Look at the chanel, you may want to move yours to 1, 6, or 11. Further the better.

    The WRT54 is only capable of broadcasting one SSID. USR makes a 5453 AP that has the capability of operating 2 SSID from 1 AP, I use it's little brother 5450 AP. One great unit, with extended range.

    As you can see netstumber is capable of capturing SSID Hidden or Not. If there is any traffic to a hidden SSID it will expose it self. So make sure you use the max length for WPA. has a random key generator that is real good. You will have to use copy and paste with it. It is what I use for Password & Key's.
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