Help me find a EVGA e-GeForce 8800 GTX w/ ACS3

I am trying to find this card to buy, but I cant find it anywhere. Note:it has the ACS3 cooling system. I can only find it without the cooling system or with the cooling system, but it is over-clocked and £50+ more. It should be about £400.

(I live in the UK)


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  1. looks like your out of luck and the only way to get the ACS3 is to get the overclocked version. it looks as though evga found out how good their ACS3 cooling was and deciding that if there going to sell it they should take advantage and give it a higher overclock too...
  2. Quote:

    Thats the OC'ed version. :(
  3. The difference is £69 more for something I could do myself. In the review they had a 575mhz version with that cooler.
  4. I live in the UK. Where they cost alot more.
  5. Looks like im not gonna find one. Thanks for you help anyway.
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    I don't see why you don't want the oc'd version, but I'm sorry if you can't get one

    I would love one but I can't afford it. Its £69 or $135.116 more for the over-clocked one and I dont really want one off E-bay
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