cooler for evga Nforce 680i sli motherboard

Hi all, need some help choosing a cpu cooler for my new evga nforce 680i motherboard. heard that it aint so easy to fit many cpu coolers onto this board and so my decision only got harder :S

anyway if anyone has had any experience with it please do help me out. Obviously the the cooler also has to be a good performer too since i will be overclocking my core 2 duo e6600 with it.

MaLtAgUy :D
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  1. I've got the same board, and I purchased the Zalman 9700, it rocks. But you do have to do some dremel tooling to get the back support to fit. It's not hard though, I did it in five minutes.

    The combo works great together.

  2. looks like im going to go with the tuniq tower 120 since everyones saying that its the best at the moment and it does fit onto the 680i board.

    thanks for the reply anyway mate, well apprecated

    now i need to find a suitable case that the tower 120 can fit into(that thing looks big!!), was thinking maybe thermaltake armour since its well priced and got has achieved some recent reviews... il keep checking. if anyone knows anything about this combination please do suggest
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