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Whats the best website to order parts from NewEgg or TigerDirect? I have bought from both in the past. It seems almost everyone on the forums use NewEgg. Is there a particular reason for that?
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  1. Both are strong. Newegg's pricing can be very,very good on established products, but they have a tendency to squeeze consumers on new releases. Tiger Direct is consistent, but does not, generally, discount as deeply as Newegg. Other good players include Zipzoomfly and Directron. All are at least decent in terms of customer service with Newegg particularly good with RMA of defective hardware and their Service reps are looking for ways to solve problems rather than just get you off the line. I always price compare these 4 vendors (and don't forget to look at taxes for + shipping for your location. All things being equal, also consider that vendor using fedex ground vs UPS (Newegg) usually have fewer problems with "damaged in transit" shipments.
  2. I find that it's much easier to narrow down my search field based on what I need to with newegg, but after that it's really based on who's cheaper after shipping. Most of the time I usually go with newegg as for me most of the items I've ordered during the business day are at my doorstep the next day even using ground shipping because I'm really impatient when it comes to waiting for components.
  3. I vote for newegg.

    About TigerDirect: I cannot say about the present, but in the past, TD wanted you to go to the manufacturer about warrantee problems for everything except TigerDirect branded parts and systems.

    It is, of course, their right to do so. And it is my right to shop elsewhere if I do not like their policies. newegg is an excellent "elsewhere".

  4. Newegg is just awesome and their site is a lot nicer in my opinion. I get lost at tiger direct's website.
  5. Ive had lots of issues in the past with TigerDirect involving shipping. They have this really bad habit of not keeping things in stock but saying they do on their website. Basically anything on their site that says 1-2 days to ship is probably sitting at the manufacturers warehouse, or a sales brokers warehouse, or another holding agent. As has happened to me on countless occasions I have ordered one of these 1-2 day shipping items only to be told that the item will be delayed due to the time delay for the other company to ship the item.

    As for me Newegg is nice to browse through and locate items but due to their East Coast shipping warehouse being located in my state all those nice discounts go out the window after taxes and shipping.

    So, most often its ZipZoomFly for me. I try to catch a discount shipping weekend to place my orders.
  6. For me its how fast newegg ships stuff.
    I know that if its in stock in their LA warehouse, I can order today and get the parts tomorrow with the usual shipping charge.
    That's why I usually order from newegg if their prices are good.

    If the price is significantly cheaper elsewhere, then I go there (if its not time critical).

    The only thing I can complain about newegg is that some of the shipping prices are pretty high on some parts.
  7. Quote:
    Neweggs rep is superior, they are the former egghead software.
    You still have to shop around, sometimes you find better deals at monarch computer or zipzoomfly. I never order from Tiger simply because I have to pay sales tax.

    Didn't monarch go out of business in December?
  8. think so. they have been reducing their stock to practically nothing for months now. almost nothing left on the site.
  9. I always used to shop TigerDirect since seeing them in the ComputerShopper magazine :)

    RMA's were usually painful, though, and I've found that newegg totals less on full rigs. I don't like to shop ala-carte to shave off $10 or $15, and NewEgg just seems to be consistently 2%-3% less than TigerDirect.

    One time TD sold me an open-box motherboard, even tho I bought it as new. The RMA went fine, but needless to say I was pissed.

    I've placed 3 orders in the past 3 months with NewEgg (3 new rigs), and they shipped ASAP and arrived in great condition. I even ordered the wrong drives (EIDE instead of SATA. I must've clicked the wrong link :?: ), and they exchanged them no-problem with no restocking fee. No hassle @ all.

    NewEgg FTW.
  10. Newegg is the shit, if you ever accidentally get something you don't want, just tell the guy when it arrives at your house that you'd like to refuse delivery, and they'll refund the price, even the shipping.

    There will always be times where some places sell a little cheaper, but in general newegg always has a good price, and never gives me any problems. I've also never had such good service representatives online(newegg).
  11. I ordered a laptop from tiger direct once, $1200. It arrived broken. They would not refund or replace.... words cannot describe that level of bs.
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