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hi there

i have just bought a dlink gamerlounge DGL 4300. i have noticed the difference when
gaming on my xbox 360 beacause of the gamefuel technology. i know that it is using
802.11G at the moment which is fine for gaming.

when it comes to linking the 360 with a media centre pc, they say that you should
use 802.11A and not G.

SO! i want to use an 802.11A router as an access point to connect the xbox 360 to
(only the xbox 360 will be connected to this access point, no other pcs).

My question is...
will the gamefuel technology still be prioritizing my game data packets if the xbox
360 is connected to the access point and not the router itself?

thanks heaps

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  1. it should still work the same assuming you use the same IP address. also i wouldnt even bother with the other AP, just have them both use G, even though they recommend A.
  2. thanks for your reply, how do you mean use the same ip address?

    will G still work as well as A tho?

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