Hardware Problems after w/c leak

Basicaly, I was installing my water cooling kit 2 days ago, put the gpu block on, n hooked it up to the rest of the kit, turned it on, got about 5 secs from it when it just died, Tried all i could, but ended up taking my gfx card out and inspecting it, there was like 3 drops of water on it.

I was suspisious becuase my hdd light was on constant, the light on my drive is constant and wont open. But anyways i stated to solve the problem, i firstly swapped my Gigabyte 965p-ds3 with my asrock conroe-xfire-eSata2. Same gfx card, i saw a post unlike with the gigabyte, so everthing was looking good, untill there was pretty multicoulered patterns on the screen. That settled that, it was my gfx card, so i know i will try to RMA it, but i bought a cheap nvidia 7100 card today at my local. Put it in, still same problem with my drive, takes ages on trying to recognise pri ide. And when it continues and finds my HDD, it says Keyboard interface error. Ok, so my keyboards dont work (usb or Ps2). It goes to load windows anyway, but the progress bar slows to a stop then picks up till eventualy a quick blue screen of death.

I disconnected the cd drive by power and ide, and it boots much quiker, still blue screen of death tho, think it might be an issue with drivers with it being a different mobo and my expansions in differnt slots to accomadate the water cooling, but im stumped on this one

Any ideas, tommorow im gonna try my gigabyte board agen with the new gfx card and see how that goes but i bet some clever guy can tell me whats wrong instantly.

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  1. With regard to your graphics card... its not quite ethical to RMA a card that you ruined yourself, but that aside, im guessing that your HDD problem is related to the master and slave settings on your drives. Make sure the jumpers on all your drives are set to cable select. For the keyboard interface error, go into your BIOS settings and make sure that USB keyboard support is enabled or disabled depending on what you are using.
  2. sorted, expenisevely, it was cuased by a broken sata connector created a surge blew my mobo and psu and cd drive.
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