AGP Unavailable???

Hello. I recently tried to install the X1600PRO graphics card.

When I tried to install the software it came with, the setup did not complete saying that I needed to run a Standard VGA Driver and try again.

I skipped that part... I then decided to install the 7.1 Catalyst drivers.
It worked fine, I ran a game.
But When I checked DXDiag, AGP was greyed out.

How do I fix this?

(This card support AGP; it's in an AGP port.)
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  1. What do I need enabled in the BIOS for AGP to work?
    AGP8x is enabled, but had a X by it. I noticed that Fastwrite and others was not.

    I installed the newest VIA chipset drivers.

    When I ran CPU-Z, it did not detect a Graphics Interface.

    In Device Drivers it shows that my computer IS detecting the device - x1600 Series.
  2. Sounds like and AMD motherboard, which needs AGP drivers added.
    Outside of the regular chipset drivers be sure to download the AGP support.

    Check the literature on VIA's site.

    If after you've done this you're still having problems then uninstall the graphics drivers and re-install. If the problem still persists you may have to reinstall directX, bad installls happen.
  3. Hello ape.

    Yes AGP is not available. I checked using CPU-Z, and graphics interface was not detected!

    I did download the Hyperion 4in1 update, I will check for another update.

    Sometimes I get a screen with lines going everywhere; graphics are messed up very badly for me.

    I did not install the software that came with the BOX.
    Could that be a problem?

    I have had an AGP 8X Geforce card installed before this... worked fine
  4. I uninstalled the catalyst drivers.

    Then I tried again to install the drivers that came with my graphics card. I got an error saying that Setup cannot complete, try using a Standard VGA Driver before installing this.

    I skipped that, installed the Newest Catalyst,DRivers (7.1?).

    I installed newer VIA drivers that fit my KT880 chipset.

    I still see no AGP texturing available.

    Guess I'll reinstall DX9.

    And if that doesn't work?
  5. Did you uninstall the GEforce drivers before hand, and did a CLEAN uninstall, that might be the trouble of your woes.
  6. Reinstalled DX9, getting same problem.

    Any more ideas?

    Maybe I have left scraps of Nvidia laying around... How would I get rid of them... would that be a problem?

    and the error I get from the beginning CD still erks me... Setup cannot complete. Try using a standard VGA driver.
  7. Well, I have done everything suggested here. Deleted all drivers using Driver cleaner pro in safe mode. uninstalled All ATI drivers manually and then used driver cleaner. installed newest VIA Chipset. Reinstalled DX9. I am still having a problem with AGP not being detected.

    I suppose I will take it to a professional to get this fixed.

    Thanks all for the quick responses and support.
  8. What was your old video card? The X1600 Pro uses an AGP to PCI Express bridge on the card, and that could be that issue. I do not know since I do not have that card.
  9. GEforce 5200

    Explain the PCIE bridge... the card says AGP 8X/4x compatible
  10. This bridge makes a PCI Express based GPU to an AGP video card. I do not know what it does exactly, but it sounds like it changes the data going to the PCI Express based GPU so it works in a AGP slot. Someone can correct me, or explain it better. I do not really understand it, too.

    Edit: Here is a link that talks about it.
  11. Have you gotten rid of all Nvidia stuff on your machine? Check your registry for any Nvidia stuff and get rid of it. (Click Start, Run, type- regedit, look under each folder for another folder titled "Software", Look for anything Nvidia and delete them. Be sure to backup your registry saving it to your desktop before deleting files!
  12. nothing Nvidia in my registry
  13. Having gone through a similar exercise recently (6800GT to 1950 PRO) I advise following these steps.

    1. boot as normal and remove all installed drivers via Add/Remove programs - might have to perform a couple of reboots, ignore any new hardware found/install driver messages.
    2. boot into safe mode and run DriverCleaner a few times to remove everything Nvidia/ATI.
    3. boot as normal, again ignore any new hardware, etc and then install the new drivers. Make sure you disable your AV/Firewall/Anti-Spyware software before you try the install (it is a good idea to dis-able your internet connection to be safe).

    The cannot find VGA driver message is because you tried installing in the wrong mode. I used to get that when trying to install Nvidia updates.

    If this does not sort it try step 3 in safe mode.

    Hope this helps.
  14. Sounds like something is wrong with the card itself.

    This sort of gives a hint:

    Sometimes I get a screen with lines going everywhere; graphics are messed up very badly for me.

    Try booting normally, and without installing the drivers, right-click the desktop and select Properties. Go to the Settings tab and click the Advanced button. Select the Adapter tab. Tell us what it says under Adapter Type.
  15. says Standard VGA
  16. Hmm, I thought it might have come up as VGASave which is a generic driver that loads if the primary driver doesn't load.

    Did you try installing the VIA 4 in 1 before trying to install the ATI driver? If not, install the VIA 4 in 1 first, reboot as normal and then try installing the ATI drivers once you're finished with all of the VIA stuff.
  17. I did all of these steps... AGP is unavailable.
  18. reinstall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    reinstall os
    reinstall chipset drivers
    keep reinstalling

    unless you want to buy a new card
  19. I don't think I have my original XP CD... I have my recovery CD...

    Don't have the CD key
  20. Could you please post the make and model of the motherboard. CPU-Z can tell you this.

    Right-click the desktop and select Properties. Go to the Settings tab and click the Advanced button. Select the Adapter tab. Tell us what it says under Adapter Type.

    What does this tell you after you've installed what you could of the ATI drivers. Note that if you plan to use the Catalyst software you need to have .NET installed first. If you only want to install just the Display driver, you do not need .NET installed. A lot of people install only the display driver and then use ATItools instead of Catalyst.
  21. Machspeed Tech.
  22. I installed my NVIDIA... AGP works fine.

    I am sure though that the ATI CARD is not faulty.

    Could it have done anything with the Power cable connectors?
  23. With that video card, you need the power plugged into it.
  24. I've had a problem similar to this with my nvidia card. After a certain driver version, the AGP acceleration was disabled (when I reverted back to the older version it worked again.)

    I found the problem to be the "AGP Aperature Size" in the BIOS. I switched it to 8MB (from 4MB) and it worked fine. I'd just try setting it to a medium size, ~128MB and see if it works for you.
  25. Quote:
    Machspeed Tech.

    Socket 462, Athlon XP, right?

    My guess is that you're running one of the Viper V881DAS flavors in which case the VIA Hyperion Pro Driver Package should be all you need as it includes the AGP component.

    It might have something to do with what advcomp2019 noted about the PCI-E bridge.

    Generically speaking, the card's architecture is natively PCI-E. Somebody pipe in if I'm wrong on this. ATI and the manufacturer modified it to AGP and installed a PCI-E bridge to AGP chip so the PCI-E architecture could communicate through the AGP bus system. Could it be that because the card is natively PCI-E, the system doesn't recognize it as an AGP card? Perhaps the card is working correctly and that's just how the system views it.

    After you install the ATI driver, what does it say under adapter type in the Display Properties?

    Can you run any games after you've installed the ATI driver?

    You might want to take it to a shop that has another AGP X1600Pro and see it it recognizes their card the same way. If it doesn't then I'll go back to my first guess that there is something wrong with the card and you should return it for an exchange or refund.
  26. Yes The card works fine, but performance is diminished and has shown to be even WORSE than my old card sometimes.

    I have ran games...
    When I alt-tab out of games and try to come back in, the screen becomes distorted with lines going everywhere.

    That's why I have my NVIDIA installed.

    I may take this ATI card to altex to see if it works on one of their computers.
  27. Does NVIDIA use this PCIE-AGP bridge technology?
  28. Yes, they do. The AGP 7 and 6 series use it IIRC.
  29. so I shouldn't spend money on an NVIDIA...

    Well I have just wasted a bunch of money on this ATI card that doesn't work
  30. I'm not certain. Your best option is to take it to a shop and get their take on it. If there is something wrong with the card you should return it for a refund or an exchange. Be sure to tell them about your problems with the driver install and the gaming problems.
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