Life time for SATA drives?

I've been hearing about the lifetimes of SATA drives being very short, @ 1 year or so. Is this a legitimate life time or is it relatively short in your experiences.

I can almost justify that number with the number of SATA drives with-in the last six months or so, roughly a dozen of them, from HP dc5100 business desktops.

Was considering upgrading my home system to SATA, but after hearing about the drive life's was wondering if it was a good idea or not, especially with SAS drives starting to come out.
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  1. No.

    If the lifetime of SATA drives where only 1 year, manufacturers wouldn't be making them as there would be so many RMAs they wouldn't be in business anymore. Some SATA drives have 5 year warranties on them too and are being considered or in use with enterprise level storage solutions.

    SAS vs SATA should prove to be even more murky than SCSI vs IDE if SAS can provide a cost effective solution for the home market - though I believe SAS controllers can do SATA as well which means you can't go wrong with some SATA drives.

    You might, however, want to avoid whatever SATA drive model that comes with HP dc5100 business desktops like the plague though it could be just their OEM shipment. That or your network is rampant with viruses. Or it could be an entirely different issue - like faulty PSUs that can't handle all the stress and causing hardware failures.
  2. I'll never by any drive unless it's Segate. Why? They offer a 5 year warranty.
  3. Damn straight! Seagate all the way. I have a seagate cuda that's almost 4 years old and runs great.
  4. I like Seagates too, but lately for my SAS and SCSI drives Fujitsu has really impressed me. Maybe that will change when I get a Savvo :)
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