BitTorrent causes low connectivity, Router needs rebooting!

I'm hoping someone can help me.

I'm having this problem on two different computers (at different homes) with two different routers and two different Torrent programs. The stuff I'm using:

Linksys WRT54G wireless (but using the wired port)
D-link older wired router

Torrent programs;
BitComet (latest version).

I have the appropriate ports forwarded.

When I first use the Torrent program, everything seems to work fine. After some time with a few (i.e. 3-4) torrents open, the network connectivity just stops or slows down to a crawl, and I have to reboot the router.

Is this a function of the age of my routers? Anybody know if the newer pre-N routers do a better job? Any other suggestions?
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  1. I have similar issues but not quite as bad... same linksys wrt54g router...wired... mine slows down over about 3-4 days with anywhere between 2-7 torrents running that pretty much max out my connection running at all times... reboot router and all is good again for another 3-4 days... im sure its just this router i have the newest firmware but im too lazy and cheap to do anything else about it and mine only slows by maybe 25% over that time period...
  2. All bit torrent program by default consume all of the band width unless told other wise. You can go into the settings and correct this.

    It's possable that there is a bug in your current firmware. Check and make sure you have the latest firmware.

    Some routers handle high loads better than others. You may want to use the linux firmware for your routers. They give you more options, are a stable solutions. And it's possable that you are having a hardware problem, overheating due to contionus high loads.
  3. Thanks for your suggestions!

    Problems are as follows:

    1) I had the most recent firmware from Linksys. I even upgraded to HyperWRT firmware v3 and it made no difference to this problem...

    2) It's not only when BitTorrent is consuming bandwidth. Even, when I stop all file transfers and shut down BitTorrent, I have to reboot my router to get connectivity. It's a lot more than 25% slowdown - I'm luck if I can even connect to my router administration page to reboot!
  4. I think I would do a full scan for virus, addware and spyware.

    But it could be that your router is overheating due to high trafic. Powerdown for a while and leave the BT shut down and see if the problems comes back.
  5. I just ended up installing another router and port just for the torrents, otherwise nothing would work...
    a bit frustrating...
  6. I had this problem too with Vuze. The issue was Vuze was opening too many connections and maxing out my router's connection limit. Each of those routers can only handle 1024 connections. I too am running a WRT54G.

    Right at the top "Due to (too) many connections"
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