Need help, I'm out of ideas.

Ok alittle back ground info. got back from iraq in nov. and hadnt used my laptop in a while. so i figured a little update wouldnt hurt ( day two of internet and computer). so i do the whole windows updates. and then i started having problems (sound internet the works). I ended up having to dump windows and buy new software and download. that. then i still have no sound. so i try to go to and i get all the audio drivers. still no sound.(month and half later). I take it into a place in town. and they say it may be the sound card itself so i buy a $30 external sound card device still no sound. and yeah I've tried the whole trouble shoot thats on my computer, so yes the volume is on and its not muted.

I have no little audio device in the bottom right bar, in control panel, for the volume tab- no sound device
audio tab - no playback device
and under device manager its showing one unknow driver under unknown
help would be appericated.
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  1. You need to install the proper drivers for your external sound card.
    That's why you see the unknown hardware.
    For your built-in sound check that the sound is on/off in the Bios.
    You need some kind of external speakers for your external sound card.
  2. Ok thanks for the info. but I dont know how to do a sound check in Bios.
    I know that my Bios work, it will beep sometimes when i try to X out of internet pages, before im suppose to.

    The external sound card came with a CD with the drivers, and the unknow hardware was there before the external sound card, was installed.

    I did not know about the external speakers I will try that. would head phones work also?

    I apperciate the help, I'm kinda close to just buying a new computer but i would like to make this one work, with out sinking to much money into it that i could just invest in a new desktop. I will exhauste all other solutions before taking that route.
  3. The question marks in device manager are probably from your built-in sound. If you want to use the external sound, you need to go in the Bios and disable onboard sound. Ususally you press the delete key or F2 when the computer starts up to get in the Bios. You want to avoid conflicts that could come from having 2 sound devices at the same time.
    Head phones will be fine for testing sound.
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