anyone know about this board and ocing?

I am looking to oc an e4300 to 3ghz with this ram:

I like this mobo because it uses SLI which for me (im on a budget) allows me to get a new comp while having the ability to get a nicer (overall) gfx card over time.

My other board choice is :

Which does not have sli available...

Let me know if there is another board with sli that can oc well or if my initial choice is good.

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  1. Check out wusy's guide in the CPU overclocking forum. He lists some good OCing boards, but I'm not sure which ones have SLI.
  2. That 570i board is pretty much the worst oc'ing mobo you could get, the S3 is like 10,000x better. SLI is overrated anyway, theres almost always going to be a single card solution for about the same amout of cash thats a better choice then SLI.
  3. In my opinion, about the sli, why not use the eVGA step-up program and later have a GFX card that will run dx10 and outperform your sli set-up? And about the mobo..idk sorry
  4. Thanks ...done...sounds spifilicious
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