Mounting a wireless antenna outside?

I'm trying to get wireless connectivity to my deck. It's not a long distance but I have a brick exterior and a chimney that seems to be blocking the signal from my wrt54g AP.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to mount an antenna outside to get a workable signal. I don't need/want a very powerful antenna since I don't want to broadcast my signal all over the neighborhood.

Any recommended products, or designs for building a simple outside 2.4 antenna?

Can I hang the outside antenna off one of the wrt54G antenna connections so it works inside and out?
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  1. Antennas...

    You should be able to find an extension cable there too. A low gain omni should work well for your application. The other option would be to get an extension cable and try to weatherproof your existing antenna.

    You will want to try to minimize your extension cable to less than <<10'.
  2. You could also add a repeater to boost your signal for your patio coverage.

    If your WRT has low gain like most do, adding 5+ dbi will greatly increase the signal.

    And again it may not be your WRT.

    It could by the radio in the NB is crap. Some Raylink and Intels are just bad, some of the problems have been corrected with new drivers. Make sure you have the latest drivers. Some have had better luck with MS vs Intel.
  3. The two antennas on your wrt54g are for diversity purposes, so it's not a great idea to have two different kinds of antennas connected. Rather than mess around with extension cable which is going to kill your signal and cost an arm and a leg, have you considered just buying a second AP and locating it closer to the deck, even outdoors perhaps?

    It seems like you aren't averse to doing some actual work, which is good. If you search the web, you'll see you can rig up homebrewed PoE rather easily and inexpensively. Just get yourself a nice tupperware container, seal it up real good and put the 2nd AP outside under an eave or something.
  4. Well, it turns out this wasn't as difficult to solve as I thought it would be.

    I added a linksys wrt54G wireless router as an AP in a room next to the deck. Now I have no trouble getting a 5 bar signal through the brick wall exterior onto the deck.

    One final point, I should have tried broadcasting on different channels to see if specific interference was keeping me from getting a signal on the deck. I didn't notice that config option until I was adding the AP.
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