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I just bought a powercolor x1950 pro and it seems to be running fine (but noisily). After installing ati tray tools I could not check the temp of the card or play around with the fan speed. It doesnt even detect the temp probe or fan control ability. The same happens for ati tool (theres no fan menu). This card does have fan control doesnt it? In any case I know I should be able to monitor temps. The fan is running full speed constantly I think (since it never changes sound and is quite noisy), so I guess its as cool as it can get, but I dont want it running full in windows. Any ideas? Havent tried CCC yet, since I DL'd the 7.1 drivers without it. Surely I dont need CCC (please say no).
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  1. I use riva tuner on my x1950 pro (sapphire). Works fine.
  2. Havent tried that yet, but I should still be able to monitor temps at least using ati tool or ati tray tools. I'm gonna try CCC today, but it will be a shame to see my free RAM dwindle.
  3. Btw I discovered that the card has no ability to change the fan speed :( but surely it should have a temp probe somewhere since all new cards seem to.
  4. What version are you using for ati tray tools and atitool? It should detect temp readings.

    Atitool use version 0.26

    Ati tray tools version

    I hope this helps.
  5. Those are the versions I'm using. Should I use the monitoring graphs in ati tray tools?
  6. Not sure. When i had my x1900xtx i used preaty much atitool... and couple of times ati tray tools.

    I currently have two 8800's and i use Everest to get temps on both of the gpu's. You can try Everest.

    Best of luck.
  7. In Ati Tray Tools
    Try the System Tray Hardware Monitoring.
    Tick enable hardware monitoring & GPU show in system tray

    Does AtiTool's temp work/show on the X1950Pro?
  8. I'll give that a go too. Where in CCC (I doubt you use it but anyway) are temps displayed?
  9. Ati tool doesnt seem to show any temps either.
  10. Have you tried Lavalys Everest Ultimate Ed. 2006?

    Did anything else come on the install CD?
  11. I didnt check the CD coz I used the latest drivers, as well as trying the omega version. With and without CCC. Oh and when I enable system tray monitoring, the GPU temp section remains greyed out.
  12. I had a GeCube X1950 Pro and it didnt show any temps at all.It just happens that some manufacturers doesnt have temp sensors on the card 8O weird but thats official from GeCube at least.
  13. Ive got a MSI x1950 pro - I hava temperature displays in both ATI tool and the catalist drivers. the card actualy has 2 temperature that is displayed - the GPU temperature and an separate temp chip - I imagine that the manufacturer s can omit the temp chip but as far as i know the gpu temp sensor should be monitorable
  14. I guess going budget brands has its cons, but removing/disabling a temp probe?? Modded BIOS, where are you?
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