Deciding parts for my new build...

Hi everyone I'm new to these forums, but I guess I'll start my intro off with a hardware question.
I'm just starting to realize that if i get a new cpu and memory + whatever else to make my computer faster I'll be screwing myself in the long run, since I'll still have AGP... :(
I ended up returning my x1950pro back to new egg and am planning on getting a whole new setup, which at first sounded like hell but for some reason now sounds like angelic voices.
So if you guys could help me out that would be awesome. And I can't wait any longer really to upgrade my components being that i have to somehow run semi-modern games at a res. of 1680*1050. so that poses a slight problem for my wee little rad. 9700.hehe

So this is what i got so far:
Mobo:Asus intel p965
Mobo2:Evga nforce680i
Mobo:Gigabyte nforce590
CPU:amd x2 5200
So Either of the setups will pair of with one of these graphics cards, Memory stick packages, and case, not to mention my already obtained psu(m12 700w):
GPU1:Foxconn 7950gt
GPU2:foxconn 8800gts
Gpu3:Evga 8800gts ko
Ram1:Patriot Extreme
Ram2:Corsair XMS Dominator
Ram3:Corsair XMS2
Case1:Antec P180
Case2:Lian Li #1
Case3:Lian Li #2
This one's nice but i'm not quite sure if it will suite me well enough for the price, I'll need a case that can eventually support probably 2 8800gts's and i don't know if mid-towers are big enough for that.
Case4:lian li #3
I'm not necessarily asking you all to do all the work for me I would just appreciate any input you all are willing to give. Thanks a ton.
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  1. I'll let you decide which way to go: e6300 wipes the floor with 5000+ in most benchmarks at stock speeds.

    AMD 590 isn't a very great overclocker. I've read it goes up to 360mhz fsb, vs. 500mhz on P965.

    P965 supports quad core that's ALREADY out.

    I'm leaning towards Foxconn 8800gts for its low price; Patriot for its overclocking; Antec P180 for its SUPER silent & no-frill design.

    Why not this?
  2. well i when i picked out the foxconn it had a rebate as well as a lower starting price so it was best bang for the buck, but now after seeing the current info on the new r600 i think i might have to go with a crossfire mobo, what do you guys think? If I don't go with Crossfire, I'll probably end up getting one evga 8800gts ko edit. now and one later, Do you think that setup with the intel cpu will be able to run crysis ok? Also i'm not really an overclocker, i'm just not experience enough with it so i just want something stable and producing minimal heat, thats why I was looking at the Corsair Dominator Ram. So Far I'm for sure going with a Lga775 setup And probably the lian li v1200 as long as my cables are long enough...Thanks for all the help so far.
  3. You mean the RUMOR that R600 is magically 40%+ faster than 8800GTX? I'd wait for reputable reviews & benchmarks before jumping ship.
  4. but don't the 8800's only get a full head of steam when using an E6800 and certain MoBo's?
  5. So right now my main conflicts are these:
    Whether to get an E6600 or E6700,
    If get the E6600 I can get a 8800gts but if i get the E6700 I'll probably end up having to get a budget card just to hold me off until dx10 cards are made in some more affordable options. I'm just not sure if the semi-large jump is price is justified by the performance gains.
    I'm also contemplating whether or not to buy a 2nd 74gb raptor to set up in a raid 0 the only thing holding me back is that I'm unaware of the difficulty level in setting a raid up.
    Is ddr2 800 the ram I should get?
    I'm also looking into budget sound cards, yet still good ones.(like 50 bucks or so).
    And lastly, since i am buying everything within 3 weeks or so, I'm going to decide whether to go with a mobo aimed at nvidia cards or ati cards....
  6. I usually get my parts through the newegg's, fry's, etc., but I wanted to point out that CompUSA has a deal on one of the cases you are considering. Specifically, the Antec P180 is $89.99 after a $20 discount and $50 rebate:

    If you add a $10.01 item the pre-rebate price of your cart will be $150 and you get free shipping (which would have been $27+).

    The same case at newegg is $114.99 plus $15.99 s&h:
  7. Your main usage is "run semi-modern games at a res. of 1680*1050", correct?

    Why did you even think of getting a faster cpu & a low end video?

    Any DDR2 533/667 will be fine since you won't overclock.
  8. Well I don't know exactly what kind of card is required to run games at that res. but when i was using my x1950pro with my 3500+ i seemed to get consistently good fps except for some games like fear which may have been due to possibility of my cpu bottlenecking it... Just seeing how a lot of new stuff is about to pop up i don't know if the 8800's are the best investment as of now. I was thinking i might get another x1950pro with the e6700. What do you guys think, is a high end processor or graphics card more future proof? Cause I'm thinking if i go with a card for around 200usd that maybe later when more dx10 cards come out i can get one for a better deal.
    Also do you all think that prices for the intel cpu's/graphics cards will decline all that much in like 2.5-3 months.
  9. Not think, it's a fact that the Intel c2d chips are gonna drop in price by May or Q2 07. nVidia will release budget 8000 series cards such as 8800GT for 150 usd in the 2nd half of the year.
  10. I didn't know that my computer was going to sell so soon, just sold it yesterday. So I guess I'm going to need to buy parts this week.
    The one thing i'm having trouble deciding on is the mobo.
    I'll be running an E6700, and i'm not sure whether or not to get a board focused on nvidia products or ati products, i won't be over clocking. I'll probably be using ddr2-800 memory, which seems to be the most common. I also wont need somthing for overclocking nessesarily, I just want highend quality, My budget is about 1600, so i was thinking a mobo for no more than 250. Thanks.

    Also if anyone wants to add on/change what I should get that would be awesome.
    What I had previous to build:
    700w seasonic m12, 74gb raptor, 320gb seagate, combo optical drive+floppy. Monitor+keyboard/mouse.
    $1600 to spend on:
    Case:Lian Li v1200 blk-$229
    Cpu:E6700 LGA775-$512
    Ram:Muskin Extreme Preformace-$315 after rebate
    GPU:Depends on Mobo...
    Soundcard:X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Professional Series-$146
    HDD: Maybe another 74gb raptor for raid 0-$140 after rebate
  11. 8800GTS = Mistake
    AMD build = Mistake

    7950GT = Mistake when you can get an X1950XT for the same price.

    Wipes the floor with the 7950GT.
  12. Based on your current selections, there'd be 258 dollars left for mobo AND gpu. I'm not sure if that's the wise thing to do, since the budget is $1600 for a $100 mobo & $150 video?

    Personally, I'd get a 6600 max & x1950pro or x1950xt & a non-sli p956 mobo.
  13. Well if it makes a difference I don't need to get another raptor I have plenty of storage, and i don't need that soundcard being that I only have 2.1 audio, so with those 2 cancelled out would that make for a better solution. Maybe I can just get a cheeper x-fi or audigy 4 SE card (assume about $60) and no harddrive, I can always get another hdd in april when I get vista...
    So what Mobo should I get? Are the Intel975 boards just plain better than the nvidia 680i boards?
    Here's the boards I was looking at:
    I Can't really decide between the 2 Evga's which one to get since the more expensive one says that ddr2-1200 is the standard when i'm going to be using ddr2-800, will my preformace be affected if I use the more expensive board. Also if I use an nvidia 680i board will ati card preformaces be decreased?
    Also which budget soundcard is better between these 2?
    Audigy 4 Se
    x-fi gamer
    or since i'm not getting the hdd I might just get the soundcard that I mentioned in my previous post. Also should I get that muskin memory or a pack that has the memory set at higher frequencies since i don't want to overclock my memory?
    What do you all think? Thanks a ton so far guys.
  14. I'm afriad you're getting sidetracked - "i have to somehow run semi-modern games at a res. of 1680*1050". First & foremost, that's your goal. You build a new pc to get there. You're talking about more & faster ram & higher quality audio. Nothing wrong with that, but you're getting sidetracked.

    Is that still your goal?
  15. well, when i mean semi-modern games i'm just refering to the fact that if i get a directx-9 card(x1950xt) i'm not going to be able to run the games that are starting to come out, maybe just the ones from here on back. Probably not a whole lot in the future at highest settings.
    I mainly just want to but most of my Money on things that are most of all "future-proof", Like Mobo, Cpu (sort-of), Ram, and of course a decent case. The Soundcard and video cards are the two main things that i don't really want to put all that much money in to. Since Videocards become obsolete quick and because I only have 2 speakers and a sub(2.1).
    But I want to get the Best system i can with the money, I'm just sort of in a pickel with a few items.
    For instance, Which Ram to get, What Mobo is really going to hold me off for a while(seems that 2xpci-e slots are becoming more prevelant). So Mainly my goal is to get the best combination for around 1600, it's main function is games, but i do want to wait a little on the graphics cards because i can see that the 8000 series isn't going to be on top for much longer reguardless of the insane prices.
    So I think My Setup will look like this:
    Already Have: Seasonic 700w M12, Gateway 22" Lcd, G5 Mouse+G15 Keyboard, 2.1 audio, Xp Home, 74gb raptor, 320gb barracuda.
    Lian Li V1200 Blk~229
    EVGA 122-CK-NF68-AR~250
    SAPPHIRE 100186L Radeon X1950XT~215
    X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Professional Series~106
    So far thats 1556 w/out tax/shipping and my max is 1750
    Is there anything small that i'm forgetting or that you guys would reccomend, I'm probably buying this tonight so please get out any last comments about my desicions.
    If there's nothing that i should add then i'll probably just be getting some canal headphones. :D Thanks alot guys.
  16. bump for last post... :roll:
  17. "Also i'm not really an overclocker, i'm just not experience enough with it so i just want something stable and producing minimal heat, thats why I was looking at the Corsair Dominator Ram." - In which case, you should just get a value ram of ddr2-800. Those expensive ram is designed for overclocking.

    I understand you don't want to waste money on 8800 since there'll be price drops AND r600 coming out. You know the C2D chips are gonna have price drops as well? & c2d price cuts come much sooner than the end of Q2 07. So you're wasting money on the 6700. You don't have to spend exactly $1600. Get something to tide you over. Such as x1950xt to r600. e6400/6600 to 6700/6800. When the prices are cut, sell the current one to upgrade to a new one.
  18. I am puzzled. Are you going to use SLI? Why did you choose a Nvidia MB and ATI GPU?
  19. The main reason I chose to go with the nvidia 680i chipset is because I wanted to at least have the option for expansion possibly including SLI, since nvidia will keep on producing cards regaurless of whether or not the r600 destroys their current lineup. I bought all the parts with no intentions of overclocking, but maybe in the future i will decide to overclock I also just wanted to have that option. But anyways there's no changes my decisions now everything is on it's way. I just wanted something that was going to last a bit longer than my old skt939 did when it became obsolete not long after I bought it, Hopefully LGA775 will stick around for a bit longer.

    Also, Just for reference where do you all recommend selling individual components? I sold my old PC on craigs list, but I don't imagine that I would have near as much luck with individual components? Thanks alot for everything guys.
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