Core 2 Duo System is KILLING ME

Hey Guys,
This is my first post so forgive me if I get any of this wrong. I built a Core 2 Duo system a while back and had absolutely no problems with it. The specs are
Core 2 Duo E6600
Asus P5W DH Deluxe
2GB of Gskill DDR2 800
Zalman 9500
SATA 320gb *Perpendicular Recording HDD (Forgot Brand)
Maxtor 250GB IDE
OCZ GameXStream 700W
XFX 7950 GT
Creative X-Fi
This system worked fine for months then all of the sudden I experienced video artifacting. RMAed the video card. Left the CPU unplugged for two weeks. Installed the new video card and now the motherboard takes three minutes + to post. Restarting using the button or through windows causing a freeze at post. I reset the cmos, flashed the bios, changed the battery, tested the ram, ran the system barebones as possible (no extras) and no luck. All drivers are up to date as well. SOMEBODY HELP ME. THIS IS KILLING ME.
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  1. perhaps you might have unplugged or loosened one of the cables that goes to the hard drive when you were mucking around in there. I usually have long wait at those screens before windows when the little pins on the back of the cdrom or hard drives are set wrong, plugged in wrong. Check which Sata port the HDD is plugged into. That can mess things up too... At least that's my guess. Those Drives usually give me problems, that or the RMA'd card is bad. Can you test it in another system?

  2. If you haven't already, make sure you do a virus scan too.
  3. Ran a Virus Scan already. Disconnected everything and tried it on another board and then put it all back with the same problem. Asus just got back to me and says they think the bios chip could be going bad since it was a working build before. That sound like something that could happen
  4. Did you overclock the GPU or CPU? That setup looks like you did. What were your settings?
  5. Used to overclock the CPU to 3.0GHZ and set the ram to its stock speeds ( 4x4x4x12 DDR 800) because the P5W DH read it as DDR667. The Overclock failed when I plugged the computer back in and now if I even set the ram to its proper timings the computer will not boot until I reset the cmos.
  6. Did you just recently attempt a bios update?
  7. Problem came after leaving the system off for a few weeks. I then reset the cmos, reflashed the bios but the problem persisted. I repeated this three or four times but no luck.
  8. Perhaps the video card (artifacts) was a symptom rather than the actual problem. Video card artifacts can be caused by a fluctuating power supply as well as a plethora of other problems the power supply can cause which can keep a person running in circles (booting slowly is also possible). Just to be sure, run down to your local computer retail store that has a 30 day return policy and pickup a power supply. Doesn't take long to switch one out. Suggest getting an excessively powerful one for test purposes just to be sure. Could be there's nothing wrong with yours, but that you've just marginally exceeded its capacity. If it's not the power supply, you can at least strike that from your list of possible causes.
  9. Already a step ahead of you. Since it wasnt the video card and the Ram is fine in Memtest86 I already got Asus to send me a new bios chip for my motherboard and OCZ to advance RMA me another GameXStream 700w. On top of that Im going to be installing my Vista as soon as my microsoft action pack comes in. Im hoping that since I know my HDD's are ok and the memory is ok that if I replace the bios chip and the power supply that it will fix any possible issue.

    UPDATE: Just found out that my 12V rail (the one plugged into my video card) has been fluctuating from 12V to over 12.7 which is over the 5% efficiency rating most power supplies have. Maybe that could be the problem.
  10. 12.7 is fine, but that's a notable swing for sure.
  11. It seems you did not remove old video card drivers before adding new one. Ok, log in SAFE MODE by pressing f5 or f6 while booting. Once login, uninstall old video card drivers then restart - login to windows - then install new video card drivers. Hope, this is the problem. By the way, games run faster in win xp than vista.
  12. The last time I had symptoms like that it was my power supply that was too weak. I installed a new video card and discovered just how valuable a power supply that has true 12Vs really is. You have an OCZ gamextream 700w which should be good for your setup.

    You mentioned it was flucuating up to 12.7 .. How far down did it go? Was it dropping below 12v at all? Even a little drop below 12v can cause artifacts on newer graphics cards.
  13. I experienced this, it's the RAM problem, run Memtest86+ with each stick by itself to see which one is the black sheep

    I recommend ~3+hrs on each stick if you don't have time
    RAM should not run into any errors



    Apology, I missed the Memtest86+ part...
    But again, I thought mine was fine too, but later on, I found that it started to run into tons of errors after 1hr of memtest86+ on a fresh computer start.

    Hope that helps
  14. I shouldnt have needed to trade off video card drivers because I installed the exact same type of card I took out. And no the voltage never dropped below 12v but it does keep jumping up and down which OCZ seems to think is a big issue
  15. I was thinking the same thing, RAM.

    How long did you let Memtest86+ run for?
    Let it set for a few hours and see if you get any errors.

    Also, is this your ram?
    If so, don't forget to bump your voltage up to 2V in the bios.
    Anything lower and you could run into many problems.
  16. Quote:
    I shouldnt have needed to trade off video card drivers because I installed the exact same type of card I took out. And no the voltage never dropped below 12v but it does keep jumping up and down which OCZ seems to think is a big issue

    If the manufacture is telling you it is a big issue, time to RMA it.
  17. Waiting on the replacement, hope it fixes this thing though. Ive pumped enough money into the system and bought the acrylic case and all. Its going to turn into a see through paperweight. Already decided Im going to format the hard drives and fresh install everything, give this poor thing a running chance
  18. Ok guys,
    I appreciate everyones help and just to recap. Im replacing the power supply. Memtest was still clear after two hours. Im replacing and then reflashing the bios chip and then Im formatting and fresh installing the OS with the most up to date drivers in place. Is there anything else Im missing or not thinking about . Thanks again
  19. try, it'll scan your system for outdated drivers, but some of them doesn't really need new drivers.

    The site doesn't let you update your drivers unless you pay for the service, but you can google it up though.

    Hope that helps :o
  20. Driveragent shows that im IDE storage driver is bad but it is the newest one through intel's website. i dont understand why.
  21. have you try replacing the PSU like other have mentioned?
  22. I get the new PSU on Thursday and I put it in on Monday. Ill get back to you guys with it then
  23. Sounds like an Asus mobo issue. Asus has been having ALOT of problems lately. Get a new Motherboard[NOT Asus] and see if the issues persist.
  24. I had a similar problem with slow post, various boot times, lockups and strange errors------ the heat sink thermal compound had disengaged from the cpu. When I fixed that problem I found that the registry had been corrupted and that multiple entries for the same program had various entries and settings for both hardware and software or that they were being loaded in a non optimum fashion. I have seen this happen when programs attempt to access the internet before the system connects use a registry cleaner and optimizer regularly :roll:
  25. Heatsink and thermal paste are fine. Put a fresh coat of AS5. I hate Asus too but my problem is when i bought this board I needed the extra IDE bc I had 2 IDE HDD and 2 Cd Rom Drives. I couldnt do an IDE card either because all the PCI slots were filled on any board I could find (and replaced with the PCIE X1 which I dont use at all). Anyways, I didnt have these problems before so I really dont think it is the board. Im still on the blame the power supply bandwagon until OCZ proves me otherwise.
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