THe E6400 OR THe E6600 cor2 duo

please help THe E6400 OR THe E6600 cor2 duo and with one is faster with overclock thanx
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  1. Quote:
    please help THe E6400 OR THe E6600 cor2 duo and with one is faster with overclock thanx

    I have to think that you would want to go with the e4300 for less overall money and overlock it like hell (e4300 has 9X multilplier like E6600 but lower native fsb, no virtualiztion support, only 2mb L2 ) Still, E4300 is a great upgrade option and overclocker on mid range hardware. I built an E6600 that was stable @ 3.3ghz. I built a e4300 that was stable @ 3.4. Many differences in platform but still....
  2. E6600 because it has a higher multiplier
  3. As AKJ said, since the E6600 has a 9 x multiplier, it provides more flexibility for motherboard selection because it is less dependent upon high FSB frequency to achieve a high OC. 8)
  4. Quote:
    E6600 because it has a higher multiplier

    and cache
  5. i would have to go with HeavyF and sy go for a e4300 there cheep and oc realy well if it has to be between e6400 and e6600 i would go for the e6600
  6. True.. E6600 is an awesome chip - even at stock speeds..
  7. but if i overclocked the E6400 and the E6600 with one is faster because if the E6400 overcloked is faster than the E6600 overcloked i would go with E6400
  8. thank u guys for you help i will go for the E6600
  9. OK, i know this may seem silly - but why would one need to OC an E6600? I mean, as far as games are concerned, would you see a huge difference? Plus, you risk damaging the chip and wasting your money..
  10. im getting the E6600 because i dont want to overclock at first not till i need that speed just for the future
  11. I know OCing helps with video encoding etc etc, but when playing games, a good GFX card is what gets you great performance.. A good CPU is obviously very important but in gaming, a good GFX card is what counts..

    You can have a 10Ghz CPU but if your gfx card is crap, your games will be crap...
  12. i know but i do use the cpu for video encoding and decoding
  13. OK, put it this way.. The E6600 is extremely powerful. You dont need to OC it. I guarantee that you'll be 100% happy with it. If you gona build the pc yourself, just make sure the Heatsink/Fan is "clipped" onto the board properly, lots of people get that wrong - which leads to temperature problems..

    Other than that, you should be sorted ;)
  14. If you can afford an e6600 than get it. If not, get the e4300. That is my 2 cents, that's worth only 1 cent.
  15. Take e4300. If you are overclocking then it's just like 6600. There is minimal impact because of the cache. Spend more money in a gpu and get yourself a better cooling solution. Enjoy your selections! :wink:
  16. theE4300 can overclock to 3 Ghz but the E6600 can be overclocked at 3.7 Ghz
  17. I'd have to second mike on that last comment - since money doesn't fall from the sky, it makes sense to get the best bang for your buck.

    That being said, $179 for the e4300 vice $316 for the e6600 ? :roll:
    you really think 2mb of cache is worth an extra $140 ?
    And they overclock to nearly the same speeds.

    And IMO - OVERCLOCKING IS EVERYTHING, i overclocked every chip i've had going all the way back to the athlon k7 slot A Thunderbirds (when you needed to crack open the plastic shell and attach a "Goldfingers" device to the mofos) and never had one chip die.

    Why would you waste those extra minutes EVERY TIME you're decoding a movie? Editing a video? ripping cd's? I dont know too many people who like sitting there watching the hourglass icon spin and spin. Well you can cut that shat out... most of these chips are built so well that they overclock 60%-100% of their original speed. WOW - 50% less time wasted watching that stupid hourglass. And 45% less money for the same performance.

    win-win situation? :wink: Just tryin to help you guys out
  18. im not gona wast my time to overclock the cpu that wy i want to get the E6600 and i will overclocket in the future
  19. Quote:
    im not gona wast my time to overclock the cpu that wy i want to get the E6600 and i will overclocket in the future

    There's little reason not to overclock the E6600. You can acheive a diesel overclock (50% or more) with a $35 cooler and an extra $40 into your RAM.

    I would personally go with the E6400. It's $80 less than an E6600 and you still get rediculous performance. An E6400@2.88 GHz outperforms a stock X6800 (link). I was able to OC my E6400 to 3.2GHz with no change in voltage levels, and only a slight increase in heat (49C @ full load. Room temp idle).

    The E6600 has a 9x multiplier, while the E6400 has an 8x multiplier. At the same FSB, the E6600 will cap out at 3.6 GHz instead of 3.2 GHz with the E6400, but the E6600 will generate more heat because of the add'l cache. Anything above 3.6/3.2, and you start overclcking the RAM (assuming you're running DDR2-800MHz), and then you really start beating on your system.
  20. e4300 @ 3.5 gHz:
    e4300 @ 3.73 gHz

    e6600 can overclock to 3.4 -3.7 gHz? It depends a lot on how lucky you are to get a really good chip
    e6600 @ 3.6 gHz:
    e6600 @ 3.8 gHz:
  21. The op wrote:

    ''theE4300 can overclock to 3 Ghz but the E6600 can be overclocked at 3.7 Ghz''

    Tottaly wrong! :roll:

    The E4300 can overclock to 3 ghz with STOCK voltage. Actually with a pump at volts it goes around 3.3 with STOCK cooling. The E6600 overclocks in exact the same range but maybe with the need of tad much volts needed. Sorry if i look like flaming you cause i'm not, i think you just misunderstood what you've read somewhere. If you won't overclock then the 6600 blows the 4300 out of the water so that's your best bet.

    Peace. :)
  22. If money is not the deciding factor then go E6600. I can run my E6600 at 3.4ghz with everything at stock except core voltage (1.375) and at 3.6ghz by increasing to 1.4 volts. Both settings are 24hr Orthos stable on air cooling. The only thing that stops me going higher is my motherboard. (Ab9 pro)

    The lower multi' processors can achieve this but will need to be pushed much harder and will probably need more expensive cooling to get there.
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