8800 GTS and Crysis?

Anyone have any information on how Crysis will perform with a 8800 GTS at 1280x1024?
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  1. It won't play Crysis under any circumstance. Even at 800x600 with all settings at the lowest... :roll:

    Sorry, we can't tell, but any 8800 should handle Crysis quite fine.
  2. This site is all in Japanese or Chinese but if you scroll down it gives you some benchmarks of the game on a 8800GTS in English I dunno if its real or not mate and I hope it helps.

  3. I'd assume it should handle it well enough... we've seen it running on a 8800 gtx at 1280 and you know thats impressive with how far from completion the game, vista, and drivers probably were....
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