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I have a Dell Alienware Aurora ALX, Windows 7 64 bit system. A dell tech came to my house and replaced dead video card. No problems now. But i noticed when i boot up, it bypasses the Bios boot screen and goes directly to windows to login my password. It used to have an Alienware wallpaper background and you were able to see where it says hit f2 etc for boot setup. I no longer see that. I checked msconfig and the no gui is not checked off. i checked it and then re-checked it, no luck. What else can i do please. thanks.
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  1. There is most likely a setting in the bios. It may be labeled "quick boot" or "full screen logo". Check your manual for it.
  2. Thanks i will check manual, but since i dont see the bios screen, i cant really log into bios. i tried earlier while booting up i kept hitting F2, no luck.
  3. If you are sure it's the F2 key to get into the bios, keep tapping that key the whole time it boots up. Sometimes, timing is key to getting into the bios. If you have an old ps/2 style keyboard lying around, you may want to try it.
  4. Finally found the problem, since i have dual video cards, i had the dvi cable plugged in the bottom video card in the back of the computer, when i switch to the top video card, bingo no problem. I found out that the top video card was the primary card therefore you will see the GUI start up, when i use the bottom card, it goes straight to login. :(
  5. Old thread, I know, but I believe I am having this exact same issue. However, I only have one GTX 670 and then onboard graphics. No idea how to fix it.
  6. I found out that since i had two video cards, the technician put the vga cable on the wrong video card, it was that simple.
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